Nowadays, shawarma outlets are popping up on almost every corner of the metro — well that is quite understandable, considering their popularity in terms of taste and price. The ‘price to busog’ ratio of shawarma truly hits home to Filipinos who are known to be big foodies yet very practical on what they’re spending their money on.

Amongst this sea of shawarma outlets, one of the brands that stand up from the rest is Shawarma House, known as one of the fastest-growing food cart franchise in the Philippines. Shawarma House is also one of the most affordable shawarma franchises with a reputable brand name that franchisees can consider when they are thinking of starting a shawarma business.

Interested Shawarma House business owners, may continue reading further and know more about the fees, application, and advantages of the Shawarma House franchise.

About Shawarma House Franchise

Established by RFC Visionary at Recto, Manila. It was that day that marked Shawarma House’s first step towards its journey to business success. Ensuring fresh, quality ingredients and homemade pita bread was the selling point that made Shawarma House thrive in the market where shawarma stalls are popping left and right.

Today Shawarma House is one of the leading providers of business opportunities to Filipinos, by giving interested individuals the chance to start their own shawarma business and take their first step towards a life where they can also achieve stable cash flow.

Shawarma House Franchise Details

Franchise Package: 500,000

Continuation Fee: 3,000 (Possible upon mutual agreement of parties involve)

Franchise Inclusions:

  • Shawarma Machine
  • Basic Utensils
  • Sauce Dispenser
  • Food Pan
  • 2 Sets of Uniform
  • Initial Inventory Amounting to Php 5,000
  • Training
  • Marketing Support
  • Supervision and Assistance (First day only)
  • Operations Manual on Loan
  • Use of Trade Name

How to Franchise Shawarma House

Aspiring Shawarma House business owners are encouraged to either fill out the form on the contact page of their official website (link to the online form to their website can be found on the contact details section of below) or reach out to the Shawarma House’s official Facebook page.

From thereon, Shawarma will guide applicants regarding the documents they need to fulfill, forms to be fill-out and other procedures applicants must undergo to become a part of the growing Shawarma House business.

Contact Details


Facebook: Shawarma House

Interested applicants can also fill-out the form on Shawarma House’s contact page, found on this link

The Advantages of Franchising with Shawarma House

  • Receive support on operations and setting up your own business. A great perk, especially for first-time business owners.
  • Operate using a tried and tested operation system, practiced by Shawarma House across the hundreds of successful outlets nationwide.
  • Benefit from Shawarma House’s reputable brand name to attract patrons of the brand and other potential customers.
  • No need to worry about where to source fresh and quality ingredients to produce delicious shawarma to your customers.

Things to Consider Before Franchising Shawarma House 

  • Franchising does not guarantee success, and assistance provided by Shawarma House can only help the owner so far in terms of operation and management.
  • See to it that your mission and vision in terms of product and service aligns with the one Shawarma House aims to see to their franchisee.