Publishing companies may have been quiet for some time but, the influence and service they have brought into the country can never shy away. From children’s books to intellectual manuals, publishing houses have been in the industry long before the modern industrialization took place.

A publishing house basically, is the one that makes deals with companies and retailers for where, when and how to sell and distribute the book. Other than the disposal, they also execute promotional and marketing plans for the book. Before we introduce you to the most famous publishing companies in the country, let us take a look at how a publishing house makes an incredible book of knowledge be available for everyone.

1) They select for a marketable manuscript. Publishing houses do check on what’s the latest trend, statistics and even the market climates before they choose for the right books and frame them. They need to conduct their own thorough study to generate the most number of sales and longevity.

2) Editing and Designing the manuscript. Because a publishing company is responsible (most of the time) for the framing, they need to know the market climates in order to match the book design so it grabs the attention of the reader. 

3) Sales and Promotions. The publishing company makes the deals towards retailers and companies concerned so they know how, where and when the book should be released. However, they do not do this for every author. There are a few authors that they take the long road of promotions and marketing execution. For the newbies and debut authors however, they will try to do the usual and traditional way of publishing. This is because they also consider the budget cost and other resources involved. 

Below is the list of top performing publishing companies in the country that you may want to check if ever you want to work in a publishing house, write your own book or, get involved in the publishing business.

Inkwell Publishing Co., Inc.

One of the oldest and running printing service providers in the country, Inkwell also has notable services offered in the past for University of Asia and the Pacific, The World Bank and PAREF schools. Given their great achievements, they never stop innovating their services in providing learning solutions to the society.


  • Books
  • Handbooks
  • Yearbooks
  • Brochures
  • Magazines

Phoenix Publishing House

They focus in promoting and strengthening Filipino values in the modern age. They mainly target in providing good information for teachers and students. They are more into educational handouts, books and other learning materials. Most likely, the textbooks you see at school or even the laboratory handbooks were published by Phoenix. You can try to check that from the cover.


  • Digital Learning Resources
  • Print Learning Materials
  • Manuals
  • Assessment Tools

REX Book Store

This is one of the leading Education Solutions Providers in the country that continues to help learners develop their connectivity with the rapidly evolving modern society. They aim to provide educational tools to help schools, parents, teachers and students continue learning new things.


  • Educator Enablement
  • Digital
  • Assessment
  • Books
  • Supplements
  • Experiential

Luminaire Printing & Publishing Corp.

They pioneered in free online printing quotations and have been equipped in handling large format printing services in the country. They are one of those companies that make use of the advanced computerized system to arrive the best customer’s print project while maintaining to be at reasonable price.


  • Books
  • Restaurant Menu
  • Packaging
  • Brochures
  • Posters
  • Invitations
  • Calendar
  • Envelope
  • Fan
  • Folders
  • Magazines

ArtPost Asia

A publishing and design group that continues to provide excellent illustrated and photographed books with compelling and exquisite narratives from cultural, art exhibitions, cuisine, design and etc. They are one of the few that values culture within their products.


  • Family Books
  • Design Service and Gift Items
  • End To End Publishing Solution
  • Corporate and Commemorative

C&E Publishing Inc.

Established since 1993, this publishing company primarily in the business of distributing and reprinting international science and medical books with copyright licenses directly from international publishers. They are the go-to for most of the medical students and other medical related professionals.


  • E-Learning
  • Books
  • Hardware
  • Makerspace

Brilliant Creations Publishing Inc.

Was just incorporated last 2009, the company prides itself as the educational publisher in the country dedicated to learning solutions of the modern age. They continually create and adapt to modern educational materials ranging from worktexts, supplements, textbooks, storybooks and many more.


  • Professional Training Teachers
  • Textbook Utilization Support
  • Storybooks
  • Guide
  • Modules

Books on Demand

The only publishing company that operates the Espresso Book Machine in South East Asia, Books on Demand prides itself in utilizing one of the high-end technological advancements in printing, binding and cutting books in less than 15 minutes. Their machine is altogether an entire printing press put together.


  • Quote Form
  • Corporate Services
  • Self-Publishing

There are other notable publishing companies in the country that continue to pave its way to better serve the Filipino community. They may have not reached the top ranks yet but, they surely are very promising in providing learning materials to the country. Some of them include Central Books and SIBS Publishing House, Inc.

We owe these companies where we are right now!

Long before the fast advancement of both engineering and technology, there has already been a publishing house that has distributed books and learning materials that paved the way for the modern society. It may not seem too obvious for some but, we have already been in contact with them since the day we started stepping on foot on this world. Our parents read us story books to help us sleep. Our teachers provided us illustrations to make us understand and our employers handed us the needed handouts and modules so we would know the entire business process. All of which, we owe to these publishing companies.

So, if you are thinking of a career shift or if you would like to engage in a more fulfilling venture where the next generation can still take all the benefits, you can try to reconsider the publishing houses that molded us.