Water is life and people’s innate distrust with the cleanliness of tap water (especially around the metro) sets us up to a water purifying and refilling station.

Since water is a basic necessity and people distrust our water supply, supplying guaranteed clean water is going to be a successful business – all you need to do is put the location well in residential areas and let people know you exist.

If you do not want to start a water refilling station from scratch, franchising is the way to go! You will be riding on an already successful brand, plus you do not need to find good suppliers for your water refilling station franchise in the Philippines.


Aquabest is one of the biggest water refilling stations in the Philippines, which has almost 500 outlets nationwide. It is also a member of the PFA (Philippine Franchising Association) and the AFFI (Association of Filipino Franchises Incorporated).

Aquabest if known for its advanced water filtration system called Grander Tech which restructures water molecules to purify and remove impurities. The result is one of the best-tasting, cleanest water around.

Contact Details:

Phone: (02) 371-0478; look for Lyn Gordon
Website: www.aquabest.com.ph


Another one of the big players in the industry of purifying water, Bluewaters is one of the oldest, too. Bluewaters has the campaign of not using celebrities to endorse their product, but instead focus on the quality so franchisees can have a business that is affordable and reputable.

Bluewaters have varying franchise fees, depending on what you want to avail:

Water Station Type Franchise Fee
 Safe Alkaline Water Station
·        Safe Solo Alkaline 80000
·        2-in-1 Mineral and Alkaline Water Station 98000
·        3-in-1 R.O, Mineral and Alkaline Water Station 148000
 Safe Mineral Water Station
·        Safe Solo Mineral Php 80000.00
·        Safe Mineral + Ionized Alkaline Php 98000.00
·        Safe Mineral + Natural Alkaline Php 118000.00
·        Safe Mineral + Safe R.O. Php 138000.00
·        Safe Mineral + Ionized Alkaline + Safe R.O Php 148000.00
·        Safe Mineral + Natural Alkaline + Safe R.O. Php 180000.00
 Safe R.O. Water Station
·        Safe Solo R.O. Php 98000.00
·        Safe R.O. + Ionized Alkaline Php 118000.00
·        Safe R.O. + Safe Mineral Php 138000.00
·        Safe R.O. + Natural Alkaline Php 140000.00
·        Safe R.O. + Ionized Alkaline + Safe Mineral Php 148000.00
·        Safe R.O. + Natural Alkaline + Safe Mineral Php 180000.00


The tagline of Aquahealth is “Pure. Clean. Safe.”

It is super simple but resounds quite well, because that is what people want in their water. Aquahealth is one of the older players in the water purification business, having 17 years of studying, perfecting and innovating the water purification process.

Contact Details:

Phone: +63 (02) 636 1140; +63 (02) 636 1153
Mobile: +63 922 833 1670
E-mail: sales@aquahealth.com.ph
Website: www.aquahealth.com.ph
Address: Unit 1103 OMM Citra Bldg. San Miguel Avenue Ortigas Center, Pasig