Juices, palamig and beverage: what is the common among these? Yes! They cool you down.

Because the Philippines is such a hot country, cooling down beverages during the hot days are a must! This gives us an opportunity for a great business, no doubt! Just look at the popular brands like Fruitas, Buko ni Juan, and the plethora of juice franchises that seem to pop out and gather thirsty customers.

You know what would be a great franchise business to start? A lemonade franchise! Buko is always plentiful and are very common, gulaman is ubiquitous and fruit shakes are full of sugar! For those health conscious people, you are sure to provide a nice niche to give them.

Lemon Co. Food Cart  Franchise is P 35,000.00

Inclusions are:

  • Food Cart (this kiosk measures 4 x 2 x 6 feet)
  • Advertising Materials like fliers, banners, standees. Tarpaulins, stands are also included!
  • Cooking equipment and utensils
  • Crew uniform – this is important because we want your staff to represent the brand in the cleanest and proudest way possible.
  • Crew training – this can be taken infinitely, just check the schedule!
  • P1,000.00 worth of product sampler – you can use this any way you want: you can have these as taste samplers or add these into your inventory. Your choice!
  • Operation seminar – this is a training for you as a business owner
  • Notarized contract


Also Available: Lemon Co. in Two-in-One and Three-in-One Food Carts!

You can combine one more or two more from the following with Lemon Co.:

  1. Amigo Mango
  2. Splash and Fries
  3. Siomai Fast Bites
  4. Waffle Craze
  5. Austine’s Frappe Delights
  6. Buko Freshco
  7. Taco Tuesdays
  8. Stan Wings and Bowls

Ready to Start a Lemon co Franchise?

Contact Tristan at 0915.6385699

Alternatively, you can shoot an email through the form below and we will get back at you within one or two business days!

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What are the Advantages of Starting a Lemonade Food Cart Franchise Business?

  • Food is a basic necessity. A beverage is always wanted, as the country’s climate is always hot and people will always be thirsty! That is a consistent need.
  • Lemonade is a great way to refresh and it is comething that is always around, like gulaman, buko juice or fruit shakes!
  • Lemonade is very healthy, so the health-conscious customers are sure to prefer your products over the sugar-loaded alternatives.

Why Should You Start a Lemon Co. Franchise Instead of Starting a Lemonade Business from Scratch?

  • A lemonade business is pretty hard to start from scratch, you have to source your own ingredients, looking for the best suppliers that give the best prices, freshest products and logistics. Franchising can give you a leg up on these.
  • You also need to construct your own food kiosk or restaurant, source equipment and utensils. Franchising will take care of these.
  • Establishing a brand is a tedious job, too. From coming up with your own name, to making a logo to registering trade names and intellectual properties, brands are a headache and franchising lets you ride off a popular brand already!