Noodle House alongside other popular food carts is a staple in almost all public malls and spaces. The food business prides itself with authentic Hongkong stir-fried noodles paired with quality side dishes – from pork siomai, beef siomai, wanton siomai, to shark’s fin siomai and beef teriyaki top with sauces and drinks.

Here’s a quick rundown on how can you can have your own Noodle House food cart and the expenses you should expect in order to acquire your dream business:

About Noodle House

The Noodle House food cart franchise is handled by JC Franchising Inc. – a Philippine-based franchising company situated in Makati City. Here are the perks of franchising Noodle House:

  • JC Franchising Inc. has no royalty fee for the franchise and no renewal fee for the franchise contact. All the franchisee has to do is pay the processing fee on an annual basis.
  • The company will also give a bonus from the JC Premiere Business International for the franchisee who will avail a Noodle House franchise fee of PHP 164,888.00. The bonuses are as follows:
  • Seven (7) Platinum Accounts worth PHP 140,000.00 of health, beauty, and personal care products; and
  • Bonus Check worth PHP 12,690.00 a week after the franchise fee payment has been made.

Franchising Noodle House: The Details You Need to Know


  • Franchise fee – PHP 164,999.00
  • Setup fee – PHP 90,000.00
  • Total – PHP 254,888.00

Franchise inclusions

The franchising package of Noodle House includes the following:

  • Franchise contract;
  • Four (4) day crew onsite training;
  • Assistance of monitoring officer;
  • Personnel Training
  • Operations Manual;
  • Marketing materials (i.e. menu flyers);
  • Use of Noodle House’ trade name and logo;
  • Use of company’s business system;
  • Customized stainless cart with cabinet;
  • Stainless heavy duty warmer;
  • Single burner electric stove;
  • Acrylic juice dispenser
  • One (1) casserole;
  • Seven (7) stainless sauce pan;
  • One (1) working table;
  • Utensils; and
  • Six (6) staff uniforms;
  • Free food tasting product (worth PHP 1,000.00);

Process of Starting a Noodle House Franchise

  1. Visit the website of JC Franchising Inc. and express your interest to franchise one of their franchises – Noodle House – through filling out their contact form.
  2. Once you’ve been contacted by JC Franchising Inc., be prepared for the following steps and payments:
    • Ocular Inspection – A payment should be made upon approval of the location. PHP 1,700.00 for Manila area and PHP 12,000.00 – PHP 15,000.00 for areas in Visayas and Mindanao.
    • You should submit at least three (3) to five (5) business locations subject for inspection and approval of the JC Franchising Inc.;
  3. Cash Bond – A payment of PHP 40,000.00 for the cash bond which you can refund in the event that you’ll decide to stop the food cart franchising with the company;
  4. Processing Fee – Prepare a processing fee of PHP 4,880.00 for the documents required to process the franchising; and
  5. Shipping Fee – Payment for the shipping of the food cart to the approved location. An amount of PHP 2,500 (with free installation) for Manila Area and for franchisee situated outside Manila, you will have to coordinate with your forwarding company accordingly.

Noodle House Franchise Information

The JC Franchising Inc. may be reached through the following contact information: