Half of the world’s energy needs oil and natural. It supplies energy to power the industry, provides fuel for vehicles and airplanes to carry goods and people all over the world. The main essential factors for the logistics industry to transport goods and services to another place.  It is the main reason why Petron wants to reach every town especially those rural areas.  It serves and reaches every Filipino life.

About Petron Bulilit Station

Petron Bulilit Station is a small version of Petron gas station. It only has two or three product pumps that have the same retail operations that buy, store, and resell Petron’s petroleum products such as lubricants, fuel, LPG, and other specialty products. The cost of investment for Micro Filling Station is not high because the company will shoulder the cost of signage and equipment, while the dealer invests in the station’s construction cost.

The Philippines has 2,400 most extensive service station network. You can find a Petron station even in rural areas. Also serve essential industries including transportation, power generation, manufacturing, aviation, and agriculture. Retail Petron Gasul and Fiesta Gas LPG in nearly 14,700 branches nationwide serve Filipino families. From undeveloped, purifying, and distribution, each part of the value chain works in close concert to provide millions of customer’s products that uniquely formulated to meet, even exceed their expectation.

Petron Bulilit Station Product Line

Retailer of gasoline, diesel, and kerosene to motorists and public transport operators. Also, sell LPG brand Gasul to households and other consumers.

Required capital for a given dealership: P1 Million to P9 Million depending on the type of station available. 

Petron Bulilit Station Franchise Requirements

  • Accomplished Dealership Application Form downloadable from the company website (www.petron.com) must submit together with the following:
  1. Letter of Intent that includes complete name, home/office address, contact information, and address of the proposed lot
  2. Vicinity Map within the regular route of vehicles
  3. Lot Plan approximately 150 square meters
  4. Transfer Certificate of Title (TCT)

Steps to Apply for Petron Bulilit Station Franchise

  • I. Screening:
    • Potential premises
    • Must submit a letter of Intent with the following attached documents:
  1. Dealer Application to be submitted to the Regional Office for processing
  2. Evaluation against criteria
  3. Proposed lot suitable for service station operation
  4. Financial soundness and vulnerability check
  5. Site for approval of District Manager
  6. Training:
  • 3-day course training for the basics of service station operation
  • Enroll in a four week Dealer Management Course (DMC) offered by Petron Corporation, to be held in Petron Training School.

III. Project Implementation:

Applicants who pass the screening stage and received confirmation of site approval must do and submit the following:

  • Contract of Lease to Company (LTC)
  • Deposit a cash bond of Php100,000.
  • Blueprint of the service station embodying the designs, materials, and specifications of the Bulilit Station
  • Secure all mandatory permits required by both National and Local Government Units (i.e., Locational, Building, ECC, Occupancy, Business, and other necessary permits).

Dealer investment consists of capital expenditure for the construction cost including site preparation, pre-construction phase of the project, as well as, working and operating capital requirements in business operation.

Dealership Information

Contract with Petron covers a minimum of three (3) years. It must be renewable for another three-year period based on the performance of the dealers. The contract dealership is not transferable to anyone succession of a rank, assignment, sale, etc. Petron only has the right to do it.

Factors to Consider:

  • Accessibility of Location
  • Station Characteristics
  • Image of the Station

Petron Bulilit Station Contact Information

  • For Luzon Applicants:

Network Expansion Group – Luzon Reseller

Email: Talk2Us@petron.com

Mailing Address: Ground Floor, San Miguel Corp.

40 San Miguel Avenue, Mandaluyong City 1150

Tel. No.: (02) 884-9251

  • For Visayas and Mindanao Applicants:

Network Expansion Group – VisMin Reseller

Email: Talk2Us@petron.com


Mailing Address: Petron Corp. Mandaue Terminal, Looc, Mandaue City

Tel. No.: (32) 3447341 to 44 loc. 50158

Should You Invest in Petron Bulilit Station?

A gasoline station can be a good investment if it is in a good location and has a great marketing strategy. Customer satisfaction is also part of the business. Individuals who are not just passionate and hard-working, but are also friendly and service-oriented must the perfect partner and investor for this business.