There has been no tastier snack when binge watching, whether on Netflix or in a Cinema than popcorn! Whether we want to cry over a drama or shout that finally Thanos got beaten by the Avengers, beside us is a bowl of popcorn. In the Philippines, when it comes to popcorn, no other brand matches the taste of the people but Kettle Corn with a bunch of flavors like cheese, barbecue and sweet caramel.

If you are considering entering into the popcorn business where there is a low investment capital and does feel and structured like a franchise; check Kettle Korn dealership. This is a great way to start that entrepreneurial journey while not letting your hard-earned money get entailed with high costs and overheads.

Meet Kettle Korn

It is everywhere. Malls, bus stations, movie houses and grocery stores; Kettle Korn has successfully managed to conquer the popcorn market for years. No wonder that this is one of the most ideal business platforms one can try. However, the company never stops. Although it has conquered most of the popcorn market, it continues to improvise with its flavors. Before it was only the sweet and salty, now it has caramel, butterlicious and chocolate. Most importantly, the company continues to grow and bringing in more and creative ways in supporting movie watchers with the best tasting popcorn out there.

This is actually a dealership distribution business. This simply means that when you get a dealership, you retail it directly to the public. There is a main distributor but, all public consumption gets to you as you are their main supplier in that area. This means that one only needs to provide service functions and leave the rest to the main distributor and manufacturer. You are saved from massive inventory and costly marketing ads.

How much would it cost?

This dealership and distribution opportunity is not like the ordinary franchise you see on the market. It is affordable and you can start right at your very own store if you already have one. The dealership franchise would only cost you Php 2,250 to Php 15,000. It is basically a package on a full purchase and starter product items. From the Php 2,250, besides the package, you get to have 33% discount from all future purchases. This is a great plus when you already have a kiosk or a small grocery store. This can be a great add-on to your list of items.

The 15,000 package on the other hand, is the one you commonly see at malls. Other than the product package, includes a tangible kiosk, equipment and a crew in uniform. The crew will get a thorough training and guidance. As the kiosk owner, you also get the right guidance to run the store. This is already a good deal as you are guided all throughout the process with the right equipment to use.

Unlike other distribution markets where you need to register for food safety approval, Kettle Corn has sorted it all for you.

What are the perks of having a Kettle Korn Business?

You get done deal recognition at your disposal. No need to take much of your resources to go an open-wide marketing. Besides, everyone knows that when it comes to popcorn, they would go for Kettle Corn.

Once they see you holding one, it would not be that hard to let them know what it is.

Complete training and guidance on stocks and system. Part of the company’s core values is to assist the distributors all way through and this includes the staff. This has been a part of their supporting system that is why they have been in business for more than a decade.

Aside from their affordable packages, the company engages with customers in an organic way. They have their social media interaction that allows customer to share sentiments and experience with the product. They are not elusive to their customers and they take good care of their marketing brand. This makes them one of the most engaging distribution businesses in the country.

For some inquiries on how one can make business with them, go to their facebook at: You can also reach them at Tel: (02) 633-5542; Fax: (02) 634-0532.

Not just Popcorn

Such food product is not just a simple dietary snack. As a matter of fact, it is a healthy hit. When air-popped and seasoned lightly, it becomes an efficient and healthy snack mainly because it is actually a whole grain. A whole grain means it is high-fiber which has always been linked to lower risk of diabetes, cancers, heart attack and other serious health problems. It is not a coincidence that even the food dietary guidelines encourage people, especially kids, to consume whole grains. Other than the whole-wheat bread, popcorn is the best and quickest snack.

Moreover, it is also a good source of what we call polyphenols. The antioxidants linked to better digestive health and good blood circulation which makes the snack a good alternative to stay away from cancer cells. Besides the antioxidant factors, it also contains high satiety. Because of the fact that it is high-fiber, it has low energy density and calorie count which makes it friendly for your weight loss plan. Just a few munch and one feels full while taking the same amount of calorie with potato chips.

Part of getting into a business venture is to always know the product that you are selling. With food, one needs to be very careful. It is not enough to focus on the taste and experience it brings but more importantly, on the health benefits and how it can serve more of its benefits. It is not easy to actually get a product that can last in the industry and bring in substantial health benefits. Not all products can do that. More so, not all food products can help you stay awake, fun while watching Prison Break on Netflix.