If you are wondering what shapes the modern industry and what holds them together to help our economy thrive in the volatile market, engineering companies have the exact answers for you. They are the fathers of infrastructure, design, maintenance and all that relates to engineering mediums that make the world go round. Simply put, a city can’t be built without engineering companies.

Engineering firms are the prime agencies that manage and execute consulting and professional services to clients. They can organize things in two ways, whether in industry or discipline. The model can be chosen by the clients depending on the area of specialty. Most of what we know today are the industry-focused firms, where they employ both structural and civil engineers. Disciplined-focus engineering firms on the other hand are usually in big cities where there is a combination of education and experience so this area involves programming, planning, service and other related management areas.

To get to know more about these wonderful corporations that have been the backbone of our modern society, we have prepared a list:

Sumitomo Mitsui Construction Co., Ltd.

One of the top performing engineering firms in the Philippines, Sumitomo is guided and inspired by several principles. They make sure that they are both elite in their service towards input and output. They have great services in the field of environment, consulting, renovation, construction, bridges and etc. They are always in the pursuit of making clients satisfied while not compromising the eco-system.

Unlike other large companies in the country, SMCC fully respects their people’s ability and individuality. They try to make long-term employment without having to close their minds towards freedom of expression on a person’s individuality. No wonder why they have the most number of client and employee retention over the last 10 years.

VLGV & Associates Inc.

A highly specialized engineering company for project and construction management, VLGV & Associates is targeted more on structural engineering. They are experts on structural investigation, retrofitting, geotechnical and other related areas that concerns construction. They integrate modern technology into their projects and construction that is why they have high-end CADD solutions in their specialized engineering works.

Their team is a combination of the following varied technical professionals who uniquely can work together on the same platform:

  • Structural Engineering
  • Structural Investigation & Retrofitting
  • Allied (MEPF) Design Management
  • Engineering Support and CADD Solutions
  • Specialized Engineering Works
  • Project & Construction Management
  • Civil Engineering & Geotechnical
  • Planning & Design

They have a diverse group of technical professionals who work together and share the same goal – meet client’s satisfaction.

SYSGEN Outsource Inc.

This is a targeted CAD outsourcing company that provides services related to CAD drafting, conversion services for Interior Design and Architectural needs, and requirements. The company has best experience in BIM drawings and 3D rendering. They have specific technical procedures and standards so their clients get quality and concise drawings and renderings for their engineering projects.

They have been supporting countries all across the globe, not just Philippines. Countries they serve include:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Europe
  • Middle East
  • New Zealand
  • UK
  • USA
  • (All across) Asia

The company is determined in providing great services from the right group of draftsmen, project managers, engineers and technical professionals. They value seamless communication, quality deliverables, service-oriented personnel, technical proficiency and of course, reasonable pricing.


Kalayaan or Kalayaan-Eng is a more targeted engineering firm focused more on air conditioning and ventilation for both industrial and commercial applications. They also provide testing, evaluation services and maintenance of the equipment they installed. Basically, they are a one-stop avenue for all ventilation and air conditioning needs for larger corporations.

They have been in the service for more than 50 years and have been continually servicing and maintaining all types of mechanical systems. They have individual and package units. From protection systems to plumbing, they have it all.

JGC Philippines INC

When it comes to both procurement and construction, JGC PH is one of the widely known for great services. They are also known for their top notch industrial facilities. For this reason, they pride themselves in providing fast and efficient services to all their clients. They highly discourage endo-contractualization which is why they have one of the highest employee retention in the field of construction engineering.

Int’l Elevator and Equipment INC

Also known as IEE, is a renowned leader in installation, design, maintenance and sales in the field of escalators and elevators in the Philippines. They cater both commercial and industrial sectors so they always strive to improve their services by strictly abiding to the policy of Total Customer Satisfaction.

They conduct their own professional trainings for all their technical employees they are those who are considered to be the leading companies when it comes to employee relations and good working environment.

Meralco Industrial Engineering Services Corp.

Commonly known as MIESCOR, is one of the top engineering companies in the lien of procurement, project management, construction and maintenance. They value ISO standards and they are one of the few engineering firms that are up for the challenge even for projects that no firms have encountered before. They probe their clients and walk around the problem before they engage on a systematized approach of solving the issue. Not just in the field of engineering, MIESCOR is also one of the top performing corporations in the country today.

VVR Engineering Design Services

When it comes to an advocacy of “Going Green”, VVR leads such discipline. This is a multi-disciplinary engineering company that serves the Philippines and across Southeast Asia. They provide design outsourcing services without compromising the environment. For this reason, they are known for the line “Value Engineering” as they both value their clients and the ecosystem in building their projects. They value client retention and continuous partnership that is why they keep on growing.

These companies help shape the country in the areas of infrastructure, development and discipline. What really make these companies standout from the rest is their care towards the environment while they continually thrive to be the best in their own fields.