The wide array of desserts present in every restaurant here in the Philippines and the plethora of native Filipino sweets reflect our particular love for sweets. Amongst the selection of desserts we tried and love a fan-favorite love by people of all ages is ice cream.

The cold, sweet, treat is enjoyed both by kids and adults. With its popularity, many brands had come and go with their blend of ice cream. However, the following brands are classic ice cream brands while others are promising competition who are rapidly taking over the Philippine market.

Read further and know the top 5 best brands of ice cream you can score a dealership with and answer your neighbors’ demands for good quality, cold dessert. 

Dan Eric

Darn Eric’s ice cream had been a household favorite amongst Filipinos for more than two decades. With their quality, affordable and consistent ice cream formula, Dan Eric’s had won Filipino’s favor and became one of the famous dealership opportunities for Filipinos who are looking to start selling ice cream for an affordable capital fee. 

Things to Consider Before Becoming a Dan Eric Ice Cream Dealer

  • Have the capacity to reach Dan Eric’s monthly order requirement which totals 12,000 PHP.
  • Ready both hard and soft copies of your documents required for your application with DEGIC

Dan Eric’s Ice Cream Contact Details 

Address: 808 Armela Compound, West Service Road, South Superhighway, Paranaque City 1700


Contact No.: (+632) 776-19-03 | (+632) 823-05-12

Carmen’s Best

Carmen’s Best is one of the premium homegrown ice cream brands in the Philippines. The brand takes pride in its ice cream which is made of 100% fresh cow’s milk. It’s the dedication of the brand to provide the best not for the money but for their passion which made Carmen’s best a great business to partner with, for those who are interested to provide the high-quality ice cream to their customers. 

Things to Consider Before Becoming a Carmen’s Best Ice Cream Dealer

  • Carmen’s Best delivers excellent ice cream quality but that comes with a steep price too. Consider carefully your customer demographic before availing of a dealership with Carmen’s Best.

Carmen’s Best Contact Details 

Address: Binan Office: Lot 11 Block 1 Westside Villagefront, Brentville, Brgy. Mamplasan, Binan, Laguna


Contact No.: (049) 5598070-74 

Aice Ice Cream

This international ice cream brand from Singapore is considerably new in the Philippine market compared to other classic brands on this list; However, Aice is not falling behind in terms of flavors and customer growth. The quirky packaging and unique, delicious, and affordable array of flavors made Aice a favorite.

Sell the famous aice ice creams and receive a 20-25% profit margin per piece of product you sell.

Things to Consider Before Becoming an Aice Ice Cream Dealer

  • See to it that your shop where you will sell Aice products adheres to the standards set by Aice.

Aice’s Contact Details


Email: |

Phone: (02) 501-7577


Selecta is one of the oldest brands in the Philippines, which stood the test of time and one of the leading ice cream brands in the Philippine market. Their classic flavors and new innovative selection of ice creams are one of the most well-known products among Filipinos.

Scoring a dealership with Selecta will surely bring great sales to your sari-saring tindahan. With their wide array of ice cream variants and reputable brand name, no one can go wrong with choosing Selecta. 

Things to Consider Before Becoming a Selecta Ice Cream Dealer

  • Ensure that your store has all the permits required by Selecta (e.g. DTI/mayor’s permit, barangay clearance, and more)
  • Have two (2) valid ID’s and billing statements

Selecta Contact Details


Contact No.:

  • Metro Manila: 646-2324  Provincial callers: 1-800-1-888-8888


Hernz has been around for quite some time, and the business had been thriving through providing the dealership with sari-sari stores nationwide to spread awareness to the brand’s delicious and affordable ice cream collection.

Hernz is the ideal ice cream dealership to have if you feel like your store is not big enough to accommodate big-time classic ice cream brands. Hernz is also great for those who want to start selling ice cream for as low as 3,000 PHP.

Things to Consider Before Becoming a Hernz Ice Cream Dealer

  • Contact Hernz first to inquire if you’re location is viable to get a dealership with them.

Hernz Contact Details 



Contact No.: (044) 794 4931