The 24-hour convenience store that you see almost everywhere, which offers ready-to-eat food and other products found in most grocery stores; Mini Stop truly lives up to its name as everybody’s best stop for high-quality assorted merchandise and fast take-out. The store does not stop there. In fact, they are now available for door-to-door delivery with different options of payment methods – becoming one of the country’s reliable one-stop-shop anywhere and anytime.

This wonderful store originally came from the land of the rising sun, Japan. It made its way to the Philippines last 2000 of December. Since then, the franchise has continually grown in massive numbers. Although their growth skyrocketed in just a few years, they have successfully maintained providing high standards and quality products and services to their customers which explains why you see several customers flock into their branches any time of the day.

Mini Stop offers franchises to all interested parties. If you think you want to be part of the rapid growth of this booming store, it is vital that you get to know what you are putting yourself into. Start to get to know well the business and their system. Below is a few of the list of the many perks you get if you decide to franchise:

  • It continues to expand its store chain with both ready-to-eat products and groceries. The list of products never stops and you get to see other grocery items added on their shelves.
  • The business model is focused on creating a good cash flow for franchisees so they earn more as they are able to sell more.
  • All store chains are equipped with high-end computers and devices so fast, safe and efficient exchange of data is secured.
  • Stock outs are rarely an issue because the company makes sure that the stocks will be available within 24 hours from the distribution centers. This in turn, meets the daily delivery requirements.
  • There is full support in marketing and promotion so one can focus on the store and how to increase distribution.
  • Reliable store operations with the needed support system that includes 24-hour call service support, manpower assistance, marketing, training programs, and most importantly, repairs and maintenance support to ensure that smooth flow of daily operations.

Now, let us have a brief assessment and take a look if this is something that fits to your personality. A personal evaluation is necessary not just in franchising but, in any other form of business venture. This is because not all business platforms tend to match a person’s availability and personality. For this reason, let us make sure that the following statements best describe you:

A) HEART and spirit of an entrepreneur – may sound vague but, you must have the interest of knowing the problem and make profitable solutions to that problem. Product and food availability is an existing problem, especially to employees who work the night shift. Not all stores are open for a quick hunger fix.

B) Do you have the TIME to at least assist the retail operations? This means that there may be a few instances that your people will need the owner’s attention in addressing both managerial and technical stuff during store operations. Do you find yourself flexible in this area?

C) The capacity to fund the investment and the willingness to abide to the company’s protocol, standards and procedures. Following specific procedures and standards can take a toll of your usual regimen but, if you think you do not see any conflicting ideals, might as well try the chain.

D) Give your BEST in service. We always have our own subjective way of doing our best but, when thinking of opening a 24/7 store, one must be dedicated in serving 100% for the satisfaction of customers regardless of the time. Besides, the major selling point here is to provide great service 24 hours in a day 7 days a week.

The Mini Stop Franchising Procedure

After reassessing yourself and if the company prerequisites can blend in well with your personality and ideals then the next course of action is to proceed by:

1) Attend a franchise presentation with your local area’s franchising manager.

2) Talk to the Franchising team about feasibility study and site visit. Get to know the team whom you will be working with to setup your dream store. They will do an ocular visit on your desired location and study the area.

3) Attend an interview with key officers of Mini Stop. If everything went well and both parties have understood the stipulations then you can proceed to the Agreement.

4) Sign a Franchise Agreement and pay for the franchise investment. Submit the needed permits and other documents that Mini Stop requires.

5) Attend and study the training for franchisee and store personnel. In this way, you will know the ins and outs of the managerial and technical aspect of the business and, how a store chain should operate.

Wrapping Things Up

To wrap things up, Mini Stop will provide you all the support you’ll ever need so you can operate your store the right way.

With the training, they help you assess all of the potential store personnel with proper guidance. They help you to have regular business and financial review. You are not blinded with the overall store performance and cash flow in a regular basis. You get the right amount of marketing support. You take part of the benefit of their storewide promotions to help you boost your sales. The distribution system that they have is reliable to the extent that you get daily delivery of your requested stocks from an organized and centralized distribution center.

Aside from all those support, the business system is well protected and monitored because you will be provided with POS, financial and merchandise reporting. This will help solve most of your inventory headaches.

Moreover, there are 2 ways to franchise on this store chain. One is to acquire an existing store from their list of branches and the one is convert an empty property into a new store after it passes a site evaluation.

Mini Stop contract length goes at a length of 10 years with a franchise fee of about Php 600,000.00. The projected return of investment is expected to be between 2 to 3 years, depending on the amount of sales and population of the area. With their team who has been trained in marketing analysis, you will be in good hands.