People say that it was in Hamburg, Germany that the first burger was born and inspired but surprisingly, it is more famous both in the United States and Asia. Hamburger has been the topmost takeaway in Asia, most specifically in the Philippines. In fact, almost all restaurants and even bars offer their piece of hamburger to complete the choice for a short snack. It is no surprise that it also has gained popularity in the franchising industry.

Given the popularity and increasing demand, it is without a doubt that investing in a burger business is a great way to start your entrepreneurial journey.

However, when there is popularity and increasing demand, there goes the competition. With the rising number of burger outlets in the country, it goes without saying that there is a heated competition. For this reason, if you want to engage in this demanding yet competitive business, you need the right company partner and stable brand. 

Minute Burger Franchise – Not Just a Great Partner

Besides the great snack treat that Minute Burger offers, it gives you the best deal in competing in the food industry. But, they also had their fair share of humble beginnings.

Everything started way back in 2003 when it opened its first store. In the streets of Metro Manila, Minute Burger thought of having a small neighborhood mobile business that offers its own twist of burgers. The original concept was “mobile.” It was a hit for two reasons. First, it is accessible for people in the streets and alleys. Second, they are home-made style burgers so they are not just delicious but, capture the palette of every passerby.

Due to the success of their first mobile burger outlet, they expanded into bigger platforms and that is the franchising industry. Minute Burger is actually a part of the Service Division of Leslie Corp., a highly renowned Philippine Food Manufacturing Company known for its snack brands like Clover Chips.

As one of the oldest and time-tested hamburger kiosks in the Philippines, it now has over 300 stores worldwide and has continued to grow. They have been in the industry for years. Their products do vary in tasty hamburgers and sandwiches at affordable prices. A few of their famous menu include:

  • Cheese Dog
  • Cheese Burger
  • Classic Minute Burger
  • Double Minute Burger
  • Chicken Time
  • Chick n Dog

Tagged with the classic buy-1-take-one promo, you sure get the best out of your money.

The stores have been serving their customers with delicious and affordable food. Since then, it has become recognizable, stable and a profitable franchise business for all its franchisees. The company prides in their technology, support system and brand.

The Minute Burger Core Values

The company believes in 3 things:

A) Quality Food Products

Quality means it is made out of the finest ingredients which are safe and fresh. It passes the thorough assessment from the country’s food and health authorities. Minute Burger knows this. For this reason, they take quality very seriously.

B) Accessibility and Affordability

When a product is at a price where the mass can afford, it becomes accessible. Minute Burger never fails in providing delicious food products at a very reasonable price. They continually work things out to make their food be of service even to those who only earn the minimum wage.

C) Efficiency

Talking about fast delivery and convenient ordering system, the store chain never fails. With the current competition and demand, they understand that they need to be on top of everything which is why they have all the platforms and system assessed by professionals, both product development professionals and engineers.

The company believes in innovation. This explains why they have developed reliable automation and technology in the integration of their store chain system and delivery. Stocks delivery is reliable and they can have them delivered within 12 hours upon placing the order.

The organization has been keen and diligent in applying their core values in all of their transactions and business activities. This makes them more than just the logo.

How to Start My Minute Burger Franchise?

The company knows and understands that in order to serve well its people; it needs to be available to those entrepreneurs out there so they can serve more. Franchising has been their platform in reaching out to different regions while helping entrepreneurs earn more for their cash flow.

There are only 4 simple steps in owning a Minute Burger franchise:

  • Attend their orientation: MB101 and MB102. This is where you get the in-depth details of their franchise and how well you can serve more people.
  • Submit the necessary documents and attachments. Upon discussing your plans with the company’s franchising team, you will be guided on the needed documents.
  • Discussions and interviews. It is important for the franchising company that both parties are up for the challenge and that both understand the whole process. This is also where you tell the team your proposed location so they can schedule a site visit and feasibility study.
  • The franchising fee is at Php 150,000 and the total investment capital is at Php 600,000. You can settle the payment either cash, check or online bank transfers (given that you provide the proof of payment)

There are also important terms you need to be clear about the franchising agreement. There are also Royalty Fees, Marketing and Maintenance Fund. Fortunately, you will be guided all throughout the process.

For the Franchise inclusions you have:

  • Refundable Bond
  • Franchising Fee
  • Reservation and Site Processing Fee
  • Construction and Store Design
  • All the Tools and Equipment you need
  • The usage of Name, Trademark and Logo
  • Business System
  • Assistance on the Pre-opening
  • Crew Training
  • Processing Fee

The system that the company has created is meant for both experienced and newbies alike. Professionals and marketing expert will be there to guide you along the way until you finally get the grip on how the store runs. The crew is also trained so everything is lined up to where they should be.

To inquire more about the franchising opportunity, you can go visit: or shoot them an email at: