“Kitchen of the World” as what they have in their vision as a company, Chicken Star is one of the most sought out franchising businesses in the Philippines. There are many reasons why and, we can start with the food that they offer starring the chicken meat.

Meet the Chicken Star Franchise Menu

This food outlet is known for delicious and tender chicken meat. However, the company grew and now has variety of food with other meats.

1) Roasted Chicken

Not your ordinary roasted chicken that you get from the streets and malls. Chicken star roasted chicken has sweet honey garlic and a secret recipe that both children and adults alike will love. Their roasted chicken can also bought as a whole, half or one-fourth. Depending on your need and craving, the company has arranged it for you.

2) Fried Chicken

They offer their fried chicken in two options. One is the plane fried and the other is spicy. Both will make you remember Chicken Star all day round.

3) ChickenStar Burger

At first bite with their burger, you will already include it on your list of favorites. Not your typical burger with dry bun and thin meat. It is one of the best quick takeout when you want something savory and affordable. 

4) Chicken Sisig

With 140 grams of roasted chicken sisig, you can always get the most out of your quick meal with lots of rice. This is best to be partnered with a bottle of beer or soda.

Aside from the chicken food products, the famous food outlet also offers other food and take-out options such as the Burger Steak with Rice and French Fries. The French fries may come together with a burger or with other food serving but, you can always have the option to just get the fries. 

They Have Frozen Products too! 

The “Kitchen of the World” has not stopped in their creativity. In fact, they have included frozen products on the list. They now offer the following food products:

  • Chicken Hotdog Jumbo (500g)
  • Pork Tocino (255g)
  • Pork Longanisa (255g)

With the variety of food options they offer, it is comforting that the company never stops in arriving to new ideas to keep the competition in check. 

Chicken Star Franchise Company Background

Charoen Pokphand Foods Philippines Corporation (CPF-Phil) is a well-established company dedicated to feeds, farm and food. This huge company has been serving the country for years and are focused on agriculture and farming. Chicken Star is their competent food service distribution which is why the food franchise always gets the best meat and ingredients.

CPF-Phil aims to be the leading agriculture and food industry in the Philippines with their sustainable and healthy business practices which are both environmental and social friendly. The company has helped a lot of communities. They also had their humble beginnings. On 2010, they started their Agroculture project by renting feed mill in Guiguinto Bulacan which, in return, helped the community by providing job opportunities and quality food. Now, they have huge investments on breeder farm, hatchery operation, broiler farm and a lot more. Committed to meet the consumer’s demands with safe, fresh and affordable products, the Company continues to grow.

To be a part of this BIG Company that values the people and environment is comforting enough to do business with and, Chicken Star is one of those platforms where people can take part of it.

How to Get a Chicken Star Franchise?

Like any other franchising ventures, one needs a capital of investment. Currently, the company has shared the details of the investment. The initial investment they offer is at (more or less) Php 350,000 inclusive of the equipment, cash bond and signage.

Besides the inclusion, you get the guidance and training on how to run the store. You also get to take advantage of the marketing platforms they do as a whole.

You can go visit the company website at: www.cpf-phil.com/agro or you can directly shoot them an email at: chickenstar@cpf-phil.com. They also have a landline number where you can speak to one of their representatives: (044) 762-1428 / 762-1326.

Why This and Why Start the Chicken Franchise?

In choosing for a franchise there are a couple of things you need to know. First is the stability of the company. Is the brand under a stable company which has been in business for at least 5 years? In business, as most entrepreneurs would call it, it is important to observe the 5-year rule. The business has to continue thriving (or operating at least) for 5 good years otherwise; it’s a flop.

With CPF-Phil as the father company, it gives you the guarantee that the franchise is well thought off and planned out to last not just 5 years but in the many years to come.

Second is the product. Farming, feeds and food are the 3 major commodities that community needs in order to survive and these are the 3 that the main company has dedicated its business for. It is worth the investment when one takes a good look at agriculture since we all take food from mother earth.

Farming is tedious so is growing and making food. One needs to have the proper understanding and patience to get the best product without compromising health and safety. CPF-Phil does that and Chicken Star picks up the threads.

Lastly, the market it reaches. People eat and that is just more than a fact. It is the law of nature for someone to survive. With food, there is a vast option when it comes to flavor, size presentations, ingredients and the like. Creativity is the only limit to what you can do to make the consumer crave for more and have that euphoric experience.

Food will always be food. It will always be consumed one way or another and the demand will keep rising. They will always provide nourishment and satisfaction, especially to those who need it on a tight budget. With this in mind, undeniably, the direction of the food business will always be in the upward trend.