Ice creams are great comfort food.  It is the kind of sweet treat that makes everyone feel good after a bite or a pint.  Thus, if you are looking for a different kind of business concept, an ice cream business is one fitting idea to dig into.  Finding a good ice cream brand is relatively difficult as the market is flooded with so many brands.  But, Aice is an established brand in the market for quite sometime now.  It is one interesting brand to invest as the company is making waves in the ice cream industry.  It has already penetrated the Philippine market and is now a household name to many communities.  Check out its brand portfolio and its reseller details if you are interested to sell Aice ice cream.  The company does not offer any franchise package or dealership opportunities, but instead Aice offers an ice cream reselling opportunities to its interested applicants.

Company Profile.

Aice is considered to be a mass market ice cream brand from Indonesia.  Currently, it gained a strong momentum and popularity here in the Philippines.  Almost all local supermarkets in the outskirts have the Aice brand.  It was introduced in the country last August of 2018 and ever since it has an increasing consumer base both in terms of depth and breadth.  The brand is not just restricted to Luzon but has slowly spread across the entire country.  It became a global brand as it was the Asian Games official sponsor in 2018.  Today it has two (2) factories in Indonesia and is registered in Singapore and operates in Vietnam and in the Philippines.  Interested individuals can join the company and become a reseller.  Below are the details:

Aice Ice Cream Reseller Opportunities:

As Resellers: Aice ice cream products are subjected to a 20-25% profit margin per piece

Resellers Criteria:  The interested individual should have an existing shop to become an ice cream reseller.  While the following is not a definitive criteria, these factors will help their chances of approval to become a reseller.

  • The shop should be clean so it would be enticing to consumers.
  • The location of the shop must have high foot traffic or in a busy location.
  • The ideal shop should be a grocery shop, a sari-sari store or a restaurant.
  • The shop should have a stable closing and opening time for consistency.

Aice Product Line:  The following are the variety of ice cream products and its flavors that you can offer to your consumers:

  • Crispy Choco
  • Chocolate Stick
  • Chocolate Cup
  • Mango Slush Stick
  • Pineapple
  • Coffee Crispy Stick
  • Milk Stick
  • Cone Taro
  • Mochi Vanilla

Aice Ice Cream Franchise Contact Details:

For more details, please contact the following numbers or send a message in any of their platform:

Telephone Number: (02) 501-7577

Email Address:

Official Facebook Page:

Business Address: Aice Brands Ice Cream Philippines Inc.

7th Floor BA Lepanto Bldg.,

Paseo De Roxas, Bel-Air, Makati, Metro Manila.


  • Established brand in the ice cream industry
  • Target Market is the mass market which is huge


  • An existing store or a shop is needed to be a reseller and a good location is needed. You cannot become a reseller immediately.