What food comes in mind when you need pulutan?

What food comes in mind when going to videooke houses with friends?

What food comes to mind if you want a delicious prepared meal at lower cost?

Sisig! Proudly Pinoy, sisig combines the delicious parts of the pig head, liver, onions and chicharon with calamansi and vinegar. This dish, originating from Pampanga, is a cultural heritage and a cuisine close to the hearts and palates of Filipinos.

What is Sisig?

Sisis comes the kapampangan word “sisigan” which means to make sour. This was invented my Lucia “Aling Lucing” Cunanan of Angeles, Pampanga. She felt that the pig ears, usually discarded to be given to the dogs was a big waste so she grilled them together with pig face and snout and chopped them finely. She added vinegar, calamansi and chicken liver to balance the fatty texture of the pork and it was an instant hit with the beer drinkers in Aling Lucing’s eatery.

Sisig becamse so popular that Aling Lucing was later called the “Queen of Sisig” and in 2017, the City of Angeles, Pampanga delared SIsig as a cultural heritage.

Sisig Society Franchise: A Story

Sisig Society is actually quite new. It started in 2015, and shows the classier, more elegant side of sisig.

Sisig a dish once served in eateries, beer houses and food carts are now being served is large restaurants with ceilings and a fine-dining-esque menu. The meals are served together with rice in a restaurant setting, trully one of the many firsts in sisig franchising.

Sisig Society Franchise: What You Need to Know

  • Total Investment: Php 2m to 5m
  • Franchise fee: P650k
  • Inclusions of investment:
    • Site Procurement Assistance
    • Store Design Assistance
    • Initial Recruitment and Training for the Whole Team
    • Opening Team Support
    • Operation Manuals
  • Continuing Service: 5% of Sales.
    • Use of Sisig Society Brand, Logo and System
    • Research & Development for New Menu Offerings
    • Human Resource, Legal and Finance Consultation
    • Continuous Training
    • Graphic Design for Marketing and Store Designs
    • Inclusion in Public Relations and National Marketing Campaigns
    • Quality Control and Audits

Sisig Society Franchise Contact Information

To get started with your Sisig Society franchise, you can contact them and they will get back with you in two business days: