If you ask every Filipino, especially the children, which is their favorite cold dessert is, ice cream (aside from halo halo) is one that tops off the list. Children love to hear the batingting of the sorbetero or the ubiquitous jingle of the popular ice cream brand, Selecta.

Since everybody loves ice cream, it is only fitting that people would want to start a business with it. The problem with ice cream franchising is that big brands are usually very costly to start.

Enter Frozo, the ice cream franchise suitable for entry-level entrepreneurs.

About Frozo Food Cart Franchise

Frozo Soft Serve Ice Cream is a concept of Food Cart Link, a relatively young company that is responsible for helping over 500 aspiring entrepreneurs begin their very own food cart franchise. Food Cart Link’s a tempting to offer of a small capital but big returns thrive and helped hundreds get out of the rat race.


Our mission is to help aspiring entrepreneur who wants to venture into the profitable food cart business with the least possible capital and the easiest operation.


Our vision is to change the Filipino perspective and orientation from a mere employee to being a business-minded individual. From an ordinary worker to a promising businessman

Frozo Ice Cream Franchise: The Details You Need to Know

Frozo Soft Ice Cream Food Cart Package Price: P119,000


  • Mall-Quality Cart (4.8ft x 2.8ft x 7ft)
  • Table-Top Soft Ice Cream Machine (3-nozzles)
  • Storage Box
  • Bell
  • Containers, Utensils, Wares
  • Initial Inventory
  • Crew Uniform
  • Video Training & Operations Manual
  • Costing and Pricing Formula
  • Promo Banner

Contact Information:

#29 Vista Riva Homes, F. Santos Ave. (aka Tramo)
Zapote, Las Piñas City
Email: foodcartlink@gmail.com
Phone: (02) 340-0156
Sun: 0922-862-6154; Globe: 0917-848-3522

Shop hours: 9:00 am to 5:00pm Monday to Saturday

Pros Of Starting a Frozo Franchise

  • Food is a really good business to enter because food is a basic necessity and people need to eat every day.
  • The hot climate of the Philippines is conducive to cold treats like ice cream, which is the main product of Frozo.
  • Franchising lets you capitalize on an already proven business design, plus Frozo is already well known as a brand of ice cream.
  • The franchising cost of Frozo Food Cart Franchise is very low.

Cons of Starting a Frozo Franchise

  • You cannot really have free reins on how the business goes, because that is the nature of franchising.
  • Ice cream can have a really temperamental market during the the pandemic.