Anyone who grew up in the Philippines are familiar with the brand Selecta. After all, Selecta is one of the leading brands of Ice cream in the Philippines, and can be seen as one of the items brought to special occasions like birthdays, Christmas and New Year.

Having such fame, considering partnering with Selecta as a business venture is an ideal move to do. Thankfully, Selecta offers Filipinos a dealership relationship where existing business owners of shops ‘sari-sari store’ may strike a deal with this big brand. Want to know more how to become a Selecta dealer? Read further, and find out how you can bring the famous Selecta ice cream to your store.

About Selecta Ice Cream Franchise

Way back in the year 1993, Ramon Arce, Sr. started his carabao milk business with his wife Carmen in Novaliches. After that, they started making their ice cream produced from the carabao milk then sold those in iconic gold tin containers. They are known for their legendary dessert – a delicious creamy texture ice cream with a wide variety of flavors.  Later on in the year 1990, the RFM Corporation take possession of the Selecta Brand from the Arcecon Dairy Products, Inc and build the Selecta Dairy Products, Inc.

Selecta applied a different strategy in improving and boosting the reputation of the company. They introduced some realistic advertising campaigns and taglines. One of the taglines is “Mas Masaya Talaga ‘Pag May Selecta!” for their recent flavors Mango Graham cake, choco toffee crunch, and ube pastillas, and they had skyrocketed ever since because of their witty reality-based advertisements and the different delectable flavors of their ice cream. Throughout the years, Selecta Ice Cream has proven in the market that its a successful ice cream brand in the Philippines.


  • To bring and share happiness to everyone through one scoop or a tub of ice cream.


  • To become the No. 1 ice cream company in the Philippines and in Asia.
  • To bring and reach further heights with values in the field of business.

Franchise Availability of Selecta Ice Cream

Does Selecta Ice Cream Franchise Exist?

Selecta Ice Cream does not offer any franchising opportunities, instead the company provides a dealership relationship with aspiring applicants.

Procedures on how to acquire a dealership with Selecta Ice Cream is not disclosed to the public; However in this article we will provide some details on what does Selecta Ice Cream looks for towards their aspiring Selecta Ice Cream dealers 

Become a Selecta Ice Cream Dealer

As mentioned earlier, Selecta does not offer any franchising options but they are looking for a Selecta Ice Cream stock partnership around Manila, Bulacan, Cavite, and Laguna.

Applicants must possess the following:

  • Owns a property
  • Ready and willing to manage their own business
  • Has dedication and the right attitude

Selecta Ice Cream Dealership Contact Details

Contact Person: Ms. Cynthia Tibayan

Address: The Mobiling group, Uniliver RFM Ice Cream Inc. Manggahan Light Industrial Park A. Rodriguez Avenue, Bo. Manggahan Pasig City 1611, Philippines  / 1351 United Nations Avenue, Paco, Manila, Philippines 10007

Customer Hotline: (02) 646-2324

Telephone No.: +632 588 8888

Globe Toll Free: 1-800-9-SELECTA

PLDT Toll Free:  1-800-1-8888888

Northern NCR: 09178678302

Southern NCR: 09178677604


E-mail: /

Advantages of Starting a Selecta Ice Cream Business

  • The aspiring entrepreneurs will be given an intensive world-class training and supervision until they are ready to manage the operations by themselves.
  • The entrepreneurs will be introduce to innovative, relevant, and exciting line products.
  • Each will be given stocks and refrigeration equipment.

Things to Consider Before Becoming a Selecta Ice Cream Dealer

  • Make sure that your area receives a stable high foot traffic
  • See to it that your location have sufficient space to put a freezer which will house the Selecta ice cream products.