Lechong manok, Lechong baboy, sinigang, adobo, and many more, are some of the favorite food of Filipinos, and one thing they have in common is the incorporation of meat! Yes! Filipinos are great lovers of meat products, and this love translated well when samgyeopsal restaurants became popular in the country.

The unlimited meat packages with side dishes made everyone go crazy, and the entrepreneurs busy with investing in the samgyeopsal businesses to also ride the unstoppable Hallyu in the country.

One of the prominent samgyeopsal brands that people had been frequenting even before its boom in the country is Samgyupsalamat, and many of the fans of Samgyupsalamat are wondering if they too can become a part of growing Samgyupsalamat business.

If you’re interested to find out then read further and find out the possibility of becoming a Samgyupsalamat franchise owner.

About Samgyupsalamat

Samgyupsalamat is one of the OG samgyeopsal restaurants that started even before the advent of numerous samgyeopsal stores popping left and right in the market.

Offering meat cuts in numerous marinades and carefully curated banchan recipes to suit the Filipino taste palate is one of the selling points that made the Samgyupsalamat brand experience a business boom back in 2010.

Their continuous product development in the recent and introduction of Korean products on their line up made the company thrive and stood out amongst its competitors. Making it one of the leading samgyeopsal restaurants within the metro and nearby areas provinces. 

Possibility of Franchising Samgyupsalamat

Unfortunately, as of writing, Samgyupsalamat still hasn’t opened its doors to franchising opportunities, and with the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, the possibility of Samgyupsalamat opening its franchise packages to the public once again is hard to predict as to when we can also become a part of their growing business.

In the mean-time aspiring future, Samgyupsalamat franchisees may look into their official platforms and be always updated on news regarding their business and the possibility of franchising with them. 

Contact Details

Facebook: facebook.com/Samgyupsalamat/

Email: samgyupsalamat@gmail.com

Contact No.: (02) 903 0063 

Advantages of Franchise/Business Like Samgyupsalamat

  • Samgyupsalamat, or any other samgyeopsal restaurant delves into the food and beverage industry, one of the most in-demand businesses.
  • The love for samgyeopsal restaurants or Korean food, in general, are not dying off anytime soon.
  • Samgyeopsal restaurant encourages or attracts more to group settings which are ideal in the Philippine community, where Filipinos love to eat together with friends and family.
  • Filipinos love to eat meat, and the idea of an unlimited meat buffet with the addition of side dishes is an attractive selling point for Filipinos of all ages.

Things to Consider Before Doing Business/Franchise with Samgyeopsal Restaurants

  • Samgyeopsal restaurant’s allure is in the idea of being able to gather together in a desk and cook your food by yourself, which ensures its freshness; however, considering the current situation, it is likely that operations will be limited since there are a handful of precautions restaurants undergoes to ensure staff and customer safety.
  • Those required safety measures may limit or hinder business operation and thus make it harder to operate a newly open samgyeopsal restaurant amidst this pandemic.
  • Investors should also consider that samgyeopsal restaurants are one of the most rampant business set-ups in the market, and over-saturation of these type of business means tough competition which requires extra diligence on providing the best ingredients and service.