Let’s face it a lot of people are wary of street foods because of its cleanliness, especially right now in this pandemic where everyone is wary of double-dipping more than ever, which can potentially spread unwanted sickness.

While a lot of street vendors do ensure the cleanliness of their products, there will always still be a stigma amongst Filipino for their safety; however, it’s not like Filipinos can just give up their favorite street foods.

In comes, Potdog YummyYes Delights the food cart franchise that made quality, affordable, and clean ‘street’ food possible for the mass. If you’re also interested in offering the type of product and services PotDog YummyYes Delight franchisees offers to their customers, then read further and know more about their franchising process and fees to become a franchisee. 

About Potdog YummyYes Delights

Potdog YummyYes Delights or more commonly addressed as Potdog, is a unique food cart franchise and one of the business that pioneered utilizing Filipinos love for street and turn it into a food cart business which offers the same affordability but with arguably, better quality.

Bringing in the street food taste and experience inside malls and groceries was one of the selling points of Potdog YummyYes Delights, and one of the reasons as to why the company continuously thrive in the industry for more than two decades. 

Potdog YummyYes Delights Franchise Details

Estimated Cost of Investment: 550,000

Franchise Fee: 224,000

Franchise Term: 3 years (Renewable for three (3) years upon agreement of both parties) 

How to Franchise PotDog YummyYes Delights

  1. Applicants may proceed to contact Potdog YummyYes Delights first through their official social media account to ask for the assistance of detailed franchise information. (This step requires the applicant’s personal contact information e.g phone number, email, etc. to send the details)
  2. Interested applicant may proceed on sending a letter of intent and other required attached documents to Potdog YummyYes Delights (e.g prospect location, related background, etc.)
  3. Applicants with an available prospect location should send pictures of the map’s vicinity and other important details regarding the area.
  4. Upon confirmation of the applicant’s approved application, a meeting can be set with Potdog YummyYes Delights to discuss further information on the franchise, where legal terms and agreement can be discussed in detail.

Contact Details

Address: Unit 202 RBL Place, 549 Banawe St., Brgy. Louurdes, Quezon City 1114

Facebook: facebook.com/PotDogYD

Email: LAC@potdogyd.com | feedback@potdogyd.com

Contact No.: 738-1111 to 13 Fax: 742-9336 

Advantages of Potdog YummyYes Delights

  • Food cart franchises are easier to maintain and operate compare to full-store business set-ups.
  • Receive the support and assistance from a well-established business brand in the Philippines
  • Benefit from the quality suppliers of Potdog YummyYes Delights, and not worry anymore on where you can source products that will sell.

Is Potdog YummyYes Delights a Worth It Investment?

An affordable but quality product will always be a worth it investment — which is something that can be seen on Potdog’s products. This thriving food cart franchise is a great investment to consider if you want to bring in street food items inside malls or other establishments and bring the beloved street foods closer to people.