With numerous ways to digitally send money across the Philippines and around the globe, some may think that the remittance industry is no longer relevant; However, it is the opposite. With today’s increasing demand to virtually send money yet lack of resources some people have to open online banks and wallets, remittance centers are the answer to people’s needs of receiving and sending money.

One of these remittance centers that has been with Filipinos for more than three decades now is the Palawan Pawnshop, one of the most trusted remittance brands with affordable transfer rates.

For those who are interested to jump into the growing demand for remittance centers through partnering with Palawan Pawnshop, then read further to find out why it’s a great business investment and how to become a Palawan Pawnshop authorized agent. 

About Palawan Pawnshop

On August 17 of 1985, Palawan Pawnshop was established, with its first shop situated within the premises of Puerto Princesa City. The business was founded by Mr. Bobby and Mrs. Angelita Castro, and was initially introduced to the market as a means of a pawnbroker shop; However, later on, the business expanded in terms of more outlet expansion and additional services which includes money remittances. 

Seven (7) Reasons Why You Should Become a Palawan Pawnshop Agent

  1. While online banking becoming more rampant these days, a majority of Filipino still prefer and rely more on remittance centers to send and receive money from/to their loved ones.
  2. Palawan Express is one of the most trusted business opportunities, interested investors can invest to, have an additional flow of income.
  3. As mentioned earlier, remittance centers are still in-demand, and having one meant that it can increase customers coming into your store, which means profit!
  4. Be part of growing branches nationwide of Palawan Express Padala.
  5. Be a provider of the fast and trusted mode of transferring money with affordable rates.
  6. Have the competitive edge against other businesses when you have a remittance center which is both in-demand and trusted by the market
  7. As an authorized agent, you can receive the same quality of trusted assistance and guidance the Palawan remittance center gives to its customers.

How to Become a Palawan Pawnshop Authorized Agent?

  1. Interested applicants may send their application form through the email address -domesticpartnersrem_pepp@yahoo.com. Or contact Palawan pawnshop utilizing reaching them through their social media platforms to seek guidance on how to proceed with your application.
  2. Upon approval of the application form, applicant’s location site may be subjected to site evaluation to determine its market value and the suitability of opening a Palawan Pawnshop outlet on the area,
  3. When both the application and the site are evaluated and approved by the company, both parties may conduct a meeting to discuss further details and the following procedures for the applicant to become an authorized agent

Contact Details

Address: Palawan Pawnshop Building, Lot 59-A Rizal Ave., Brgy. Tagumpay, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan

Website: www.palawanpawnshop.com

Email: domesticpartnersrem_pepp@yahoo.com

Contact No.: (048) 433 – 4110 

Things to Consider Before Investing in Remittance Center Businesses

  • Be financially stable to fund and maintain the operation of the business.
  • Study and research carefully the demand and supply for remittance centers on your prospect location/s.
  • Have the willingness to undergo training and follow guidelines set by the company.
  • Have the entrepreneurial spirit to do business in a competitive market.