While Filipinos love desserts, ice cream in particular has a special place in our sweet loving hearts. Probably born out of the dirty ice cream treats we get from the local ‘mamang sorbetero’ or perhaps the coldness of the treat in contrast to our tropical weather is the cause of it.

However, no matter what the trigger that made ice cream special for you, ice cream remains a fan favorite among Filipinos.

This love for ice cream had been utilized by Miguelitos Ice Cream in 2002, by providing the Filipinos the soft served version of our beloved sweet, while making it with 80% less sugar, a great health benefit for those who are conscious of their sugar levels.

Continue reading and to find out more about Miguelito’s ice cream history and what they can offer to their aspiring franchisees.

About Miguelito’s Ice Cream Franchise

Miguelito’s Ice Cream is the brand child of the famous manufacturer of affordable commercial F&B product mixes. With their famous manufactured ice cream blends, which they integrate on each of their Miguelito’s Ice cream outlets, the business had seen a boom of over 500 outlets nationwide.

A big leap of success since their establishment in 2002 as one of the leading brands which introduced soft served ice cream in the market.

With the continuous change for improvement, Miguelito’s progress for the better and provides new bounds of quality and success to their customers and franchisees alike.

Miguelito’s Ice Cream Franchise Product Line

  • Sweet Desserts
  • Drippity Cones
  • Sundae Feast
  • Cream Blends
  • Frozen Bliss

Miguelito’s Ice Cream Franchise Packages:

  • Kiosk – 2M x 2M prefab
  • Outdoor Cart – 1.50M x .75M
  • Standard Cart

Miguelito’s Ice Cream Franchise Inclusion:

  • Cart Setup
  • Cart Equipment and Initial Stocks
  • Training of Franchisee and Staff
  • Marketing Support (Flyers, Facebook Promotion, & Marketing Seminars)
  • Opening Team Support
  • Celebrity Endorsement

Miguelito’s Ice Cream Contact Details

Receive more updated details of franchise details, fees, and franchise application procedure by visiting the following contact details of Miguelito’s Ice Cream:

Address: 8888 Marian 2 Rd, Brgy. San Martin de Porres 1700 Parañaque, Philippines

Facebook: www.facebook.com/MiguelitosFoodProducts

Website: www.miguelitoscorp.com 

Alternatively, interested franchise applicants can also send their inquiries through this link, which opens up to Miguelito’s Ice cream’s official website contact page.

Advantages of Franchising Miguelito’s Ice Cream

  • Miguelito’s Ice cream and the brand Miguelito’s is a reputable ice cream brand and business in general, which makes franchisees can benefit from to garner customers.
  • Receive the well-developed and market-tested operation and management system of Miguelito’s Ice Cream.
  • Miguelito’s Ice Cream has a wide array of franchise packages to suit your budget and your prospect location.
  • Receive crew recruitment and training assistance from Miguelito’s Ice Cream.
  • Franchise a well-loved food product in the Philippine market.
  • Benefit from marketing campaigns of Miguelito’s Ice Cream.
  • Franchising gives business owners an extra edge of gaining success compared to those who start from scratch.
  • Miguelito’s Ice cream product line is affordable which can be ideal to accommodate a larger budget range of consumers.

Things to Consider Before Franchising Miguelito’s Ice Cream

  • Franchising does not guarantee a 100% success rate of the business.
  • Have the capacity to operate your Miguelito’s Ice cream stall while adhering to the rules and regulations set by the franchise.
  • Be hands-on with your Miguelito’s Icecream outlet, to oversee the flow of operation and how the product and services match the standard set by the franchise.
  • Read and understand carefully the terms and regulations set by Miguelito’s Ice Cream before signing a contract with them.