Starting a lemonade business is that particular money-generating summer business, we usually see kids on Hollywood movies do, which probably made a majority of us think that starting a lemonade business is not that hard, after all, it seems to be the kind of business kids on west typically do, then maybe, me a full-grown adult can do it better!

Truthfully speaking, the basic formula to create a delicious lemonade concoction is easy; however, it is the management and the do’s and doesn’t of running a stall which is a big hurdle on starting your business venture.

This scenario is most applicable for people who never dip into the business industry, which can overwhelm them, thankfully franchising is now accessible to everyone, and if you’re eyeing a lemonade business set-up and want the assistance people to receive on franchise companies, then looking at Lemon Express by E-Concept food cart Business is a worth it place to start.

With affordable and easy to set-up franchise with Lemon Express by E-Concept, your lemonade business will be operational in no time.

About Lemon Express Franchise

Lemon Express is one of the many food cart franchise set-up opportunities, Filipino can apply for under the company of E-Concept Foodcart Business.

With E-Concept’s experience on the business, by assisting hundreds of food cart business under their company, with each providing their own special product, franchisees can rest assured that the guidance they can receive upon opening their Lemon Express stall will be from the backing of industry professionals with a company which is thriving for more than a decade.

Lemon Express Franchise Package Inclusion

  • Franchise Term: three (3) Years (Renewable)
  • Complete set of utensils
  • Complete set of equipment
  • Bundle of fliers
  • Comprehensive training of crew
  • Orientation and seminar of the franchise
  • Operations manual
  • Franchise certificate
  • Notarized franchise agreement

Steps to Franchise Lemon Express

  1. Reaching out to E-Concept and receive an application form to be filled out and sent back to them.
  2. Attend one of the orientations conducted by E-Concept.
  3. Submit location and application for the approval process.
  4. Approved applicants will be contacted to schedule a meeting to sign and settle the franchise.
  5. Proceed with the training for franchisee and staff
  6. Receive food cart stall and other pre-opening assistance provided by E-Concept
  7. Grand Opening!

Contact Information 



Address: Unit 920 AIC Burgundy empire tower ADB Ave., Ortigas Center Pasig City (back of Robinsons Galleria)


Contact No.: 02-6614904 | 02-9160171 | 0927-6864020 | 0935-7628894 | 0936-0481075 

Advantages of Franchising Lemon Express

  • Use of name
  • Transfer of technology
  • Have a business system
  • Proper inventory and training
  • Grand opening assistance
  • Marketing and management support
  • Continuous products and supplies
  • Manpower training and hiring
  • Monitoring of sales
  • Checking of outlets regularly
  • Operations manual

Things to Consider Before Franchising Lemon Express

  • E-Concept favors site within the metropolitan area, due to its high foot traffic. Consider Looking for areas similar to those to increase the chance of site approval.
  • Read and understand carefully the terms and conditions under the franchise agreement
  • Franchising does not guarantee business access, the support and assistance of the franchise company can only go so far, the progress of the business will still depend on the franchisee’s perseverance of growth.
  • Have the capacity to personally visit the outlet from time to time to monitor if the outlet is meeting the standard quality of the product and service.