There’s nothing new about Filipinos being food lovers, I mean no one can blame us, taking a bite of your favorite snack after a long day is such a satisfying way to end the day. Of course, quick detours around the streets to get yourself an affordable “turo-turo” merianda foods is also an option we are willing to choose.

The market’s love for food, specifically street food was also one of the driving forces that help a particular food cart brand thrive in business, Kerrimo. With their food-in-a-cup products which packed snacks and drinks get in one, making Kerrimo a hit to food lovers who wants to eat on-the-go.

Be part of the Kerrimo providing quality snacks and drinks on the go by becoming one of their growing number of franchisees in the country. Continue reading below, to know more about franchise details, payment terms, and more of the Kerrimo food cart franchise. 

About Kerimmo

Kerrimo (Ke-ree-moh) is a Tagalog slang word for motivating someone that they can do it, that whatever is that they are trying to achieve, is possible — and that is the slogan that the Kerrimo food cart franchise carries with their over 11 years in the business, thriving together with their franchisee that became a part of their business back in 2008 — the year when Kerrimo first opened its doors for franchising opportunities.

Today Kerrimo is one of the leading food cart franchise businesses people can invest in, to dive in the market and achieve to have a business of their own. 

Kerrimo Franchise Details

Estimated Cost of Investment 250,000-350,000 (inclusive of franchise fee)

Franchise Fee: 100,000

Marketing Fee: 1,000/ month

Franchise Term: Three (3) Years (Renewable upon agreement of both parties)

Payment Terms

  • 10,000-For the site evaluation fee
  • 40,000-Maybe settled during the signing of the franchise agreement
  • 60,000-Payable after six (6) months of the store opening.
  • 50% of the package investment- payable upon approval of store design and construction cost
  • Remaining Balance: Payable upon store turn-over and opening

Required Documents

  • Letter of Intent
  • Franchisee Evaluation Form
  • Photocopy of Two (2) Valid IDs
  • Picture of the prospect location attached to it the details of exact location i.e, landmarks, market potential (e.g. schools, terminals, market, etc.), contact person for the proposed site including their contact details, and other details regarding the location.

How to Become a Kerrimo Franchisee

  1. Send a letter of intent, mailed to the official franchise email address of Kerrimo.
  2. Fill out the franchisee evaluation form which will be subjected to a screening process to see if the applicant has the qualifications the company is looking for on their Kerrimo franchisees. Do note that the franchisee evaluation form is not an application form, rather it’s a form that gauges the likeliness that the applicant has what it takes to manage their own Kerrimo outlet.

Contact Details

Address: City Park Ave. Cor. Bahayang Pilipino Village, City Park Subdivision, Sabang, Lipa City, Batangas

Contact No.: (0917) 8233310


Alternatively, general inquiries may be sent by filling out the form found on this link of the Kerimmo contact page.

Advantages of Becoming a Kerrimo Franchisee

  • Distribute some of the most famous and well-loved street foods and finger foods of Filipinos.
  • A food cart franchise makes are more mobile and with smaller space requirements that suit investors with less capital.
  • No royalty fees
  • Receive assistance on establishing your outlet, which is an advantage especially for people with little to no background in starting a business.

Things to Consider Before Becoming a Kerrimo Franchisee

  • Observe your location and target market if they align with the ideal market of Kerrimo franchise
  • See to it that your outlet is within the recommended distance from the nearest branch of Kerrimo.