It seems as thou the COVID-19 pandemic can’t hinder the market’s craving on their favorite milk teas. As one of the prominent milk tea brands in the Philippine, Infinitea continues to serve Filipinos of their favorite drink.

Even during this pandemic Infinitea and their flagship products thrive. Read further and discover how you too can be a part of this continuously flourishing milk tea brand.

About Infinitea Franchise

The founders of Infinite took interest in Asia’s unique culture of tea drinking — it’s this interest that became the inspiration to the establishment of Infinitea back in 2010.

With the popularity of milk tea over the past few years, and Infinitea’s long-standing business even before the boom of milk tea, the brand rapidly grow during the peak of the Milk tea craze in the Philippine market.

In a short period, Infinitea was able to expand to more than 300 branches nationwide and was hailed as one of the industry’s fastest-growing milk tea franchise in the Philippines.

Together with their quality tea-based drinks made out of 100% loose lead tea, Infinitea also bagged the title as one of the best milk tea franchise in the Philippines.

Currently, Infinitea has its doors open for franchising opportunities for those who are interested to become a part of their goal of spreading the goodness of tea in the Philippines.

Infinitea Beverage Variety

  • Milktea
  • Original Tea
  • Frappe
  • Fruit tea
  • Ice Series
  • Lemonade
  • Soda pops
  • Hot Drinks

How to Franchise Infinitea

While Infinitea is open for franchising opportunities, as of writing no details of Infinitea’s franchise details are relayed to the public.

Interested applicants may send their interest by reaching infinite by contacting them using the following contact details provided below.

For a more direct franchise inquiry, you may fill out the form found on this link, which can redirect you to Infinitea’s official website’s franchise inquiry page.

Infinitea Franchise Contact Details




Contact No.: 0915 216 1401

Advantages of Franchising Infinitea

  • Franchising provides owners a better success rate and free from the worry of coming up with a winning milk tea recipe or any further product development, which are all shouldered by the franchise Infinitea.
  • Infinitea is one of the most reputable milk tea brands in the Philippines
  • Milk tea one of the most highly in-demand beverage products in the market.
  • Receive continuous support from Infinitea
  • Infinitea continuous undergo market and product research to introduce new and exciting flavors and improvement to their product line.
  • Receive crew assistance training and recruitment.
  • Their partnership with Grab Food makes infinite a profitable business by providing ease of access to their products even amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Operate and manage your business and crew by using a tried tested system developed and practiced by Infinitea.

Things to Consider Before Franchising Infinitea

  • With the current COVID-19 pandemic the availability of franchising opportunities with Infinitea may be limited
  • If Infinitea is still accepting franchisees, chances are franchising opportunities are only accepted in selected areas.
  • The milk tea business is a product that is rapidly saturating the market.
  • Prior knowledge and experience in handling a business or a diverse crew of people are ideal.
  • Capable of managing the business while adhering to Infinitea’s rules and regulations.
  • Willing to set time aside to personally oversee the shop’s flow of operation.