Riding the dimsum boom demand of the Filipinos and the growing aspiring entrepreneurs within the community is one of the reasons why this particular Dimsum Factory came to be.

Offering ‘abot-kaya’ franchise packages to interested applicants, accommodating applicants with low to high capital budget to start their own business. If you are also interested in having your own business without breaking the bank then you may consider Dimsum Factory, and find out below the franchise packages and advantages of the business.

About Dimsum Factory Franchise

Dimsum Factory provides one of the most affordable franchise packages and dealership program with Filipinos to help them start their own business venture and bring a stable yet continuously growing source of income.

Introducing fur (4) different franchise packages, franchisees have the freedom to weigh down their choices between each package in accordance with their budget, location of the prospect Dimsum Factory outlet, and the target market of the business. 

Dimsum Factory Franchise Package 

Glass Steamer Package

Cost of Investment: 5,000


  • (1) Board header
  • (1) Menu standee
  • (1) Glass steamer cabinet
  • (1) Heavy duty water heater
  • (1) Squeeze bottle
  • (1) Foot tong
  • (1) Tarpaulin
  • (1) Training module

Collapsible Booth Package

Cost of Investment: 25, 000


  • (1) Collapsible Booth
  • (1) Electric glass steamer cabinet
  • (2) Heavy duty water heater
  • (1) Electric deep fryer
  • (1) Stainless round steamer
  • (1) Acrylic gulaman dispenser
  • (1) Juice scooper
  • (2) Food tong
  • (2) Squeeze bottle
  • (2) Uniform T-shirt
  • (1) Training module
  • (1) Tarpaulin

Mobile Bike Package

Cost of Investment: 35, 000


  • Dimsum Factory Bicycle
  • Superkalan
  • Customized deep fryer
  • Stainless round steamer
  • Acrylic gulaman dispenser
  • Juice scooper
  • Food keeper
  • Food tong
  • Squeeze bottle
  • Styro box
  • Uniform
  • Training module
  • Tarpaulin

Mini Cart Package 

Cost of Investment: 50, 000


  • Dimsum Factory Mini food cart
  • Build-up lighted signage
  • Glass steamer cabinet
  • Board steamer header
  • Stainless round steamer
  • Heavy duty water heater
  • Electric deep fryer
  • Gulaman dispenser w/scooper
  • Stainless food tong
  • Plastic food keeper
  • Plastic squeeze bottle
  • Stainless saucepan w/ cover
  • T-shirt uniform
  • Black sun visor uniform
  • Marketing collateral/tarpaulin
  • X-banner stand

How to Become a Dimsum Factory Franchisee/Dealer

The first step to achieve your goal of becoming a part of the Dimsum Factory’s group of franchisees or dealers is to reach out to one of the official platforms of Dimsum Factory to send your intent towards franchising with them.

From thereon, the company will assist you with the required documents, seminars to be attended, and other processes that involve your path of becoming a Dimsum Factory franchisee or dealer.

Facebook: facebook.com/dimsumfactoryph

Contact No.: 284424884

Advantages of Dimsum Factory Franchise

  • There’s a wide array of franchise packages, which vary greatly on the size and required capital investment, which can help people with small capital to also partake in becoming a part of the Dimsum Factory dealership or franchising.
  • Receive pre-opening and opening assistance from Dimsum Factory, and worry less on where to look for products, tools, and equipment.

Is it Worth it to Franchise with Dimsum Factory?

Truth to be told, starting your own dimsum business can be quite easy; however, not the same thing can be told towards someone who has zero experience in terms of handling a business and how to procure ingredients, and upon considering these aspects of business is when Dimsum Factory is such a worth it investment to help people who plan to have their first business, get the assistance they need from a tested system and reputable brand and products.