Bentelog had been one of the rapidly growing food business markets in the Philippines. For its affordable price of twenty pesos, you can already eat a whole meal.

Additionally, bentelog boasts of providing two ‘ulam’, one egg, and another ‘ulam’ of your choice to eat with your rice.

It’s this affordability and meal combos of familiar and well-loved Filipino combinations which made Bentelog a hit.

Place it on any place and bentelog can thrive and attract hungry customers looking for a quick meal. If you are looking for a way to introduce your neighbors to delicious bentelog recipes, then read further and know more about Bentelog ni Juan and how you can be one of their franchisees and spread the word of Bentelog recipes.

About Bentelog ni Juan Franchise

Bentelog ni Juan is a food cart franchise providing affordable and delicious classic Filipino meal combos. A business concept under the Great Food Avenue company — Bentelog ni Juan is one of the most ideal businesses to start especially for entrepreneurs who have a small capital.

If your target is to provide affordable and delicious meals then Bentelog ni Juan has ‘swak sa budget’ prices Filipino love.

Together with continuously improving products and system, franchisees of Bentelog ni Juan can benefit from the continuous improvement Great Food Avenue undergo to provide the best opportunities and products to their franchisees and customers.

Bentelog Product Line

  • Tocilog
  • Hotsilog
  • Embosilog
  • Hamsilog
  • Longsilog
  • Spamsilog

Bentelog ni Juan Franchise Details

  • Single Cart Package: 60,000 php
  • 2 in 1 Food Cart Package: 120, 000 php
  • 3 in 1 Food Cart Package: 180, 000 php

Package Inclusions:

  • Standard food cart
  • Equipment Set
  • Product Sampler
  • Set Uniform
  • Franchise training
  • Franchise seminar
  • E-loading (1 sim all net)
  • Marketing Support

How to Franchise Bentelog ni Juan

Bentelog ni Juan offers aspiring franchisees two options to apply and become a business owner of Bentelog ni Juan food cart.

Recommended Procedure

  1. Set an appointment with the company’s business consultant
  2. Choose your preferred franchise package and fill out the application form.
  3. Submit a sketch of location if applicable
  4. Settle the franchise package fee
  5. Ready a valid I.D and sign the franchise agreement
  6. Undergo the franchisee business seminar
  7. Get your staff to undergo the crew training
  8. Receive the franchise package cart and its inclusions
  9. Grand opening

Online Application

  1. Reach Greatz Food Avenue to receive details and procedures of application
  2. Choose your preffered franchise package and fill-out the provided franchise application form
  3. Pay the fees through Greatz Food Avenue’s Metrobank, Cebuana or payment solution partners
  4. Have a scan of the receipt and valid attached with the application form and send through
  5. If needed, send a follow-up email to Greatz Food Avenue after 2-3 days of payment.
  6. Receive all of the official documents through courier services.
  7. Acquire all the necessary permits while you wait for the franchise package inclusions
  8. Under the seminar and training. You may these training online upon request.
  9. Grand opening

Bentelog ni Juan Franchise Contact Details

Address: Ground floor RBA Prime Ventures Building. 81 15th Avenue Murphy Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines.




Bentelog ni Juan Franchise Contact Number:

  • GLOBE: (0936) 097-1313
  • SMART: (0921) 390-3036
  • Landline: 02-931-1375

Advantages of Franchising Bentelog ni Juan

  • There are different franchise packages to choose from.
  • An alternative online application is viable, ideal for OFW’s, or today’s dilemma about the pandemic and lockdown.
  • Receive free training and seminar.
  • Get an all net sim to have an e-loading business on the side.

Things to Consider Before Franchising Bentelog ni Juan

  • Bentelog is a simple business set-up, while franchising can give you an advantage from all the support and guidelines that will be provided to the franchisee.
  • People with some background knowledge and experience with marketing or handling a business may see that big of a difference in terms of franchising a bentelog business and starting one from scratch.