With so many coffee shops sprouting in the community be it in the digital space or in its physical sense, one thing is for sure – offering an enjoyable coffee experience is still an in- demand thing for many individuals.  People are looking for that special taste and extra customer service.  This is why they keep on coming back and Beanleaf offers this complete and wonderful coffee experience for everyone who badly needs one. Beanleaf Coffee and Tea was established in 2014 and the thought of having a more enticing selection of dishes under one room has moved them forward to start a Coffee and Tea café to complete the enjoyable and exciting dining experience with family and friends.

Company Profile: Beanleaf Coffee and Tea Franchise has currently thirty-three (33) outlets nationwide with its original store founded in the (NCR) National Capital Region.  This café is focused on formulating a variety of flavors to achieve a wonderful selection of coffee and tea-based concoctions, Beanleaf Coffee and Tea only makes use of high-quality imported tea leaves, coffee beans and syrups for all of its beverages. This resulted to an extensive selection of drinks that will please both coffee and tea lovers in just one store, making it more convenient, accessible and reasonably priced too. Furthermore, customers can enjoy these with Beanleaf’s equally delectable selections of snacks and delicious fitting dishes.  If this is how you envisioned your café experience will be, then Beanleaf Coffee and Tea franchise is just the franchise you are looking for.  Read below the franchise information and details.

Beanleaf Coffee and Tea Franchise Details:

Franchise Fee: PHP 880,000

Investment Capital: PHP 2.5M – Php 3M

Franchise Terms: five (5) years

Expected Return on Investment (ROI): two (2) years to three (3) years

Recommended Space or Area: 50 – 100 square meters

Franchise Products or Menu:

Choices of Drinks:

  • Coffee Based (Trademark Beverages)

Beanleaf Toffee; Mocha Java; Coffee Jelly; Coffee Crumble; Mocha; Hazelnut; Vanilla; Caramel

  • Beanleaf Toffee
  • Milk Based (Trademark Beverages)

Nutella Overload; Milo Monster; Milo Matcha; Milo Taro; Milo Butterscotch; Japanese Matcha; Caramel Matcha; Cookies & Cream; Toffeenut; Berries & Cream; Creamy Apple Lychee; Blueberry Fusion

  • Espresso

Beanleaf Latte; Latte; Americano; Vanilla; Caramel Macchiato; Mocha; Cappuccino Hazelnut; Wintermelon

  • Milk Tea

Beanleaf Milk Tea; Melon; Choco Hokaido; Premium Chocolate; Creamy Taro; Okinawa Milk Tea; Wintermelon; Japanese Matcha

  • Fruit Tea

Green Apple Lychee; Citrus with Malunggay; Citrus Apple; Green Apple Lemon; Rasp-Blueberry; Raspberry Lychee; Lychee Lemon; Raspberry Lemon 

Food Choices

  • Sausages

Veal Bratwurst; Schublig; Frankfurtur; Hungarian; Italian Garlic; Chicken Cajun

  • Rice Meals

Beef Kaldareta; Cordon Bleu; Baked Tuna Belly; Salmon Teriyaki; Pork Adobo; Sweet & Sour Fish

  • Pasta

Carbonara; Italian Seafood

  • Sandwiches

Sausage Sandwich

  • Breakfast Meal

Chicken Fillet with Egg & Rice; Sausage with Egg & Rice


  • Effective, easy-to-learn and sustainable business franchise model.
  • Filipino made brand and innovative product development concepts
  • Aggressive Marketing strategies as expansion is nationwide


  • Too many products offered that will not be enticing to consumers anymore
  • So many café competitors in the market
  • Location might be a challenge for it to be strategic.