It’s only been a few years ago when this convenience store started establishing new stores left and right, and today the name Alfamart is almost as known as some of the biggest and oldest convenience store brands in the Philippines.

If you’ve been thinking about wanting to have a convenience store business and interested in investing in Alfamart then read further to know more about their company and the possibility of franchising Alfamart in the Philippines. 

About Alfamart

First named as Alfa Minimart by Djoko Susanto in 1989, when the company first ventured to the convenience store business side — also known as the start of company’s rapid growth which resulted into the establishment of more than one-thousand stores nationwide for the next six years since its establishment in Indonesia.

As the company grew further, they delve into international expansion through partnering with SM Investments Corporation to open stores in the Philippines, and the Filipinos saw the similar rapid growth of Alfamart store across the country, and by 2020 the two companies aim to expand to Visayas and Mindanao regions of the archipelago. 

Alfamart Franchise Details 

Note: The following information is retrieved from the official Indonesia Alfamart website. The currency and details are based on Alfamart Indonesia and may change without prior notice, especially upon the availability of Alfamart franchise in the Philippines. 

Estimated Cost of Investment: Rp 45 Million

Franchise Term: 5 years

Required Lot size: 150 – 250 square meters 

Investment Inclusion:

  • Electric and air conditioners’ installation
  • Store equipment
  • Retail information system
  • Store permission
  • Pre-opening and opening assistance.

How to Become an Alfamart Franchisee

  1. The applicant may offer a location proposal to be converted into an Alfamart store
  2. Be awarded of one of the existing company/franchisee-owned Alfamart stores

Availability of Alfamart Franchise

As of writing, Alfamart is only available for franchising on Indonesian borders, which also prioritizes Indonesian applicants.

So far, news of franchise opportunities with Indonesian’s convenience store giant is not yet available. Today, the existing Alfamart franchises across the Philippines are under the management of SM and Alfamart.

For future updates of franchise opportunities with Alfamart, aspiring Alfamart business owners are encouraged to be updated with the company through their official social media platforms. 

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Advantages of Alfamart Business

  • A store that offers a one-stop-shop like convenience stores — are more likely to gain sales due to the high demand for similar business set-ups amongst a community that prioritizes convenience.
  • In the probability of Alfamart opening for the franchise in the future. Franchisees can expect to receive exceptional support from SM and Alfamart, which are two big companies in Asia.
  • Convenience stores are more lenient in terms of operational burdens. As a self-service store that requires little maintenance, it’s an ideal business once you find the right location, market, and gain frequent patrons in the area.

Things to Consider Before Franchising Businesses Like Alfamart

  • Location is one of the crucial parts of starting a convenience store business. Future convenience store owners must take into consideration their site base on the store’s target market.
  • Be financially stable to fund and maintain the store. With convenience stores operating with the help of various machines and equipment, owners need to have the capacity to fund continuous maintenance for the operation of the store.
  • The franchise term agreement is short