Everyone loves a good sandwich. That is a fact. Eating tasty, zesty meat, fresh greens, and toasted bread that envelops the whole meal is an experience everyone should be able to enjoy in life.

Filipinos love sandwiches too, as this is evidenced by the popularity of sandwiches sold in convenience stores.

One amazing brand to look out for is Quiznos, which focuses on making healthy, toasted subs. They are open for franchising, so if you are looking into starting a business with Quiznos, this page is for you.

The Quiznos Franchise Story

The first Quiznos restaurant was opened by Jimmy Lambatos and business partner Todd Disner in Denver, Colorado in 1981. Lambatos was an experienced chef, having previously worked as a chef at a famous steakhouse.

The first location was at the corner of 13th and Grant Streets in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of the city. It was at this location where the special bread and the delicious sauce were made.

Soon, the shop earned its repeat patron for the toasted subs that Lambatos grew up eating in New York. Lambatos believed that heating up all the ingredients, including the bread, brings out a special favor in it. By then, QUiznoz was not only serving submarine sandwiches but also soups and salads, and desserts.

In 2014, they have 1,500 locations in the US and have more than 3,500 restaurants worldwide.

Quiznos Franchise: What you Need to Know

  • Franchise Fee: P950,000
  • Total investment: ranges from P3M to P7M, depending on the size of the store. This amount includes:
    • franchise fee
    • architects fee
    • construction
    • store furnishings and fixtures
    • initial food order
  • Royalty fee: 8% of gross sales
  • Advertising fee: is 2% of your gross sales
  • Franchise term: 7 years

How to Start a Quiznos Franchise in the Philippines

  • Visit https://ownaquiznos.com/ and view the information so you’re sure of your venture.
  • Fill up the application form found in the page.
  • Once everything is all good, you need to schedule an appointment to meet with the Quiznos Philippines Franchise Team.
  • Sign a Quiznos Franchise Reservation Form.
  • Select a location.
  • Sign the Franchise Agreement.

Quiznos Franchise Philippines Info

  • Website: https://ownaquiznos.com/
  • Address: QUIZNOS PHILIPPINES, Quizee Foods Phil Inc., Philippine Stock Exchange, Exchange Road. Ortigas, Pasig City, Philippines