Shawarma is one of the fastest-growing food trends in the Philippine market, you may see various brands and well-established companies coming up with their spin to shawarma. Shawarma stalls can be found almost everywhere, to streets, malls, and LRT stations, with dozens of them, dotted around an area, and yet they continue to grow, which meant that demand is also growing, right?

Then, you might ask, what is with this non-Filipino food that makes it so special and famous that it swept the Philippine market by its feet. If you’re also curious as to why Shawarma is such a big thing in the Philippine, then continue reading and see the list of five (5) reasons why Shawarma so popular in the Philippines.

Filipinos love meat

It’s an understatement to say that Filipinos like meat, because Filipinos love to eat meat from the moon and back, and you can see proof of that from the mountain of Filipino recipes which mostly includes the use of some type of meat cut; therefore, it’s no wonder why shawarma which is pack with meat and fat would be such a hit in the taste palette of the Filipinos.

It’s Meaty and Fatty but Still Healthy

No one can deny that shawarma has some serious meat to fat content ratio, but despite that shawarma can still be relatively healthy as a snack or a meal because it is also packed with fresh vegetables to supply consumers with their needed nutrients.

That extra layer of vegetables on top of meat is also an attractive selling point for those who are looking to indulge themselves on cheat days but still want to make sure that they’re getting their required vegetable intake.

Can be Eaten on the Go

If not all, most of the packaging design of shawarma both inside and outside of the Philippines are created to make the food more mobile-friendly. In such a fast-paced era where everyone is always on busy and on the move, having food that you can easily carry around is truly a plus point.

A Complete Meal or a Filling Snack

With all the meat and veggies wrapped in warm pita bread – shawarma can be a filling snack or even a meal replacement of others. For as low as 30-70 pesos, with some stalls even offering to buy one take one package, it’s mobility and affordability makes shawarma a great choice for those looking for a quick filling food to have on the go.

Shawarma is a Bang for Your Buck

As mentioned previously, shawarma can be an all in one, with veggies, meat, and pita, plus its mobility and most importantly is their affordability. Filipinos are known for being thrifty, and shawarma which can fill you up without breaking the bank is a sure winner to every Filipinos heart.

There are also lots of shawarma stalls that offer buy one take one deals which makes it a great package if you have a friend with you to split the price making it, even more, budget-friendly.

Looking for a Shawarma Franchise?

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