The Philippines are one of the countries which are currently seeing great economic development, and one of the reasons for that is the growing opportunity of opening a business, and one of the practiced methods by the Filipinos is entering a franchising contract.

Amongst the many companies offering franchising opportunities, one of the most famous franchise business are fruit shake franchises – and if you’re wondering why fruit shakes franchises are popular in the Philippines then check out the reasons below and perhaps it might also encourage you to become a part of the growing fruit shake franchise owner.

Year-Round Seasonal Fresh Fruits

The Philippines is blessed with bountiful lands which bear a plethora of fruits – with the country not experiencing extreme winter like other countries – the Philippines have the opportunity to have fruit-bearing lands all-year round, which makes the procuring of raw materials for fruit shake business and franchises easier and more affordable.

Ease of Starting the Franchise

As mentioned before, fruits are not a scarce commodity in the Philippines, which makes it easier for the fruit shake businesses to thrive. And since supply is high, the price tag for most fruits are relatively affordable – due to its affordability, capital investment does not require much, which equates to ease of starting the business or joining a group of the franchise.

Combats the Tropical Heat

With the Philippines being a tropical country that is sometimes joked by some as an island with the weather which is either hot or hotter, it’s no wonder why people are big fans of looking for a great way to cool down under the intense heat.

Aside from blasting their air cooling devices, one way Filipinos love to do is to drink cold beverages to internally cool their selves. And the slurry, cold, and fruity shakes of the fruit shake franchises became a sure hit in the Philippine market as they supply the continuous demand for a cold helping of fruit shakes.

Filipinos Love it Sweet

If you’re going to observe the desserts; the main dishes serve on Filipino households, or even the way the homegrown fast-food chain Jollibee formulated their flagship products – you’ll notice that most of the Filipino dishes have a preference to sweet food.

Halo-halo, ube halaya, and even their spaghetti are all preferred by many to be made sweeter; Therefore, creating a product which both quenches the heat of the country’s tropical weather and at the same time providing a taste which speaks close to the Filipino’s taste preferences, made the fruit shake franchise industry boom in the country.

The Health Benefits of Fruit Shakes

Health, wealth, and fitness are some of the hottest topics not only in the Philippines but also globally. People are starting to become more health-conscious and aware of what they input on their body – making food and beverage which are geared to promote or provide alternative healthier option becoming popular, which makes fruit shakes a sought out product in the market.