According to some studies and to the Business Mirror, Filipinos are known to be coffee lovers. They consume regularly (morning, afternoon, and even in evening) hot beverages. Coffee is given a bad name due to high content of caffeine, others say that they are addictive to it giving the coffee a bad connotation. But honestly speaking, coffee makes people to feel good and a great way to blow away some negativities.

Franchising is proven and tested to be an effective strategy for an aspiring entrepreneur to grow one’s business. Well for some typical Filipinos like students or office workers, coffee is a good start to be relax. During the day, coffee will keep your mind alert. Here are the reasons why coffee franchises are popular in the Philippines:

It’s Trendy

Millennials are driving the coffee market crazy in the Philippines. Coffee shops are so popular in the Philippines. Aside from the good taste of the coffee and its sweet aroma, Coffee shops are also the means for others to access in the internet. Also, it became a place for social gatherings and some chitchats.

Coffee Shops Attract Crowds

Most of the coffee shops are near schools and busy place. The quiet ambiance of the coffee shops attracts a crowd of students and workers to have a sip of coffee to study and work.

It is good for the health

New research has revealed that coffee consumption can reduce risk of conditions, such as: 2 types diabetes, depression, Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, some cancers, and parkinson’s disease. It also improves focus and concentration. For those who are in diet, coffee helps to contribute in burning fats, suppressing appetite, and elevating metabolism.

The Atmosphere is relaxing

This is the best place to relax or to do some work. As the customer open the door of the café, different coffee aromas will strike the visitor. Coffee smells are infusing in the air attracting every people in the street. The interior inside a coffee shop is warm and friendly. It is a place to chat with friends or work on with their stuff while drinking a hot of coffee.

It is easy to sell

Aside from coffee, other coffee shop offers variety of pastries, sandwiches, cakes, and others that people will gladly buy to satisfy their sweet tooth and cravings. The prices of the products are reasonable because of its taste.

Here are some best Coffee shop franchise in the Philippines

Seattle’s Best Coffee – Drinks here at Seattle’s were sold at more affordable price even though they are subsidiary of Starbucks. Their target customers are people who can afford to drink coffee and to relax while doing their work or homework.

Figaro Coffee – They are known for having a wide selection of hot and cold drinks. They also serve some meals. Though the prices are quite steep for some, but for those who can afford praise the quality of the café and taste of the drinks.

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf – Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf started in 1963 in Southern California and started to open their first store in Philippines in 2003. They have expanded and grow in 22 countries as of now. They are known for having a nice ambiance shop and seed to cup coffee.