If you have ever been to hospitals, malls, or convention centers, then you have seen one of those huge machines where you insert a few bills or coins, and it sells you something. Usually in the form of refreshments.

We all have seen a vending machine at least once in our lives, and we all have been enticed at how low maintenance vending machines are. It does not require an employee and supervision. It just needs a stock of inventory and change and electricity. 24-hour vending machines also guarantee income that never sleeps.

If you have studied your location and checked out the potential for a vending machine, then check out this article as it shows you your options on vending machines in the Philippines.

Coffee Vending Machines in the Philippines

Pinoys love coffee! We drink coffee when it is cold, and we drink coffee when it is hot! It only makes sense to build a business based on out caffeine addiction!

A vending machine that sells coffee is perfect for locations:

  • Near call centers, BPO companies, and hospitals. Employees who work night shifts need a lot of pick-me-ups, and a vending machine near their place of work is a sure-fire way to make it rain P10 coins.
  • Near construction sites, eateries, offices of construction firms, and sari-sari stores near subdivisions that are being developed. These sites are known areas where blue-collar workers converge, and these people need a caffeine boost to combat tiredness and sugar for extra energy. All are found in coffee mixes.
  • Train stations and jeepney terminals. Just about anywhere people can get stuck if there is heavy rain.

Some coffee vending machine opportunities in the Philippines

  • Barista Choi – This is one of the more popular coffee vending franchises in the Philippines and the investment for each machine is around P12,000.00 which is a good place to start for starting entrepreneurs.
  • Chong Café – This is another coffee vending machine with good standing in the Philippines. A coin-operated machine is P17,000.00, which has an automatic cup dispenser with it.
  • Buy from Alibaba – Another good potion if you do not want to start with a brand and maybe start your own.

Soft Drinks, Iced Tea and Snack Vending Machines

We have seen these form malls! Those that dispense “kokinkan” (a slang for Coke in can) and Iced Tea bottles.

These are perfect in:

  • Parks and malls.
  • Near hospitals.

Some soda and iced tea vending machine opportunities:

  • Official Coke Vending Machines – these can be quite expensive but are very reliable.
  • Juicy Fresh – Imported from SG, which can be shipped to the Philippines
  • Philippine Vending Corporation – For local source, PVC also have soft-drink and snack vending machines, which you can avail. They also have a “on-loan” program where you can avail of the machines free of charge provided you house a large number of potential customers and have a target sales quota.
  • Buy from Alibaba – Same as from the coffee vending option. Brandless or your can make your own brand.

More Vending Machine Ideas

Those two are the more popular and profitable ones, but here are more vending machines that can be tremendously profitable in the Philippines:

  • Hygiene and personal effect vending machines – Tissue, alcohol packs and sanitary napkins.
  • Candies and toys – Kids love them! Perfect in malls if you own a store or a restaurant.
  • Loading machines – Load is one of the new necessities of today’s modern age, along with internet and a Facebook account!
  • Mobile charging stations – People can lose their mobile charge at the most unfortunate time. This is a lifesaver.
  • Pisonet – Some people still cannot afford a good computer and a stable internet connection, especially in indigent areas.