Teaching students to engage in business will not only teach them basic academic skills but most of all they will embrace practical life skills.  A very important skill that will be needed for them to thrive and be successful in their lifetime. Applying the theories they have memorized in the classroom is the highest form of learning. But earning while engaging in this endeavor makes it all the more worthwhile.  So, for students out there, here is a list of business ideas that you can do while still in school.

Academic Tutorial.

Do you love to teach and learn at the same time?  As they say, teaching is also a great way to learn more. By becoming a tutor or a teacher to younger kids, this can be achieved.  There is also a guarantee of earning well as the rate is per hour and per subject.  This experience will surely motivate you to be more creative and to think critically and analytically.  Letting the community know about your tutorial services will surely be a big help to these kids and to their families as well.

Online English Teaching

The market of language teaching, especially English is just growing in the virtual space.  With the trend of global thinking, English has become the most important language worldwide.  Because of the good command of Filipinos in the English language, this paved the way for a high demand for Filipino English teachers. This is even open to college students giving them the opportunity to earn while still in school.  Look for the websites of these online teaching schools and with your laptop and internet, you can now start to earn.


Writing is the best part time job if you are a Broadcast Communication student, a BS in English major, or a Journalism student.  You may want to try to offer your writing services to certain clients. The need usually is article writing, content writing for websites, blogs and other publications which both can be done either online and offline.  Usually, they pay you by word and by the articles that you have made.  This is a really good deal if you also want to hone your writing skills as well.

Video/graphic artist

This is now the most in demand skill in the 21st Century.  Knowledge on video editing and doing digital graphics are soft skills that pays very well in the digital world.  If you are also interested in web design, this even pays more.  This is also recommended to computer related courses such as Information Technology, Computer Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Computer Science, Digital Media Arts, Digital Advertising and other courses.  You also have the option to manage all the video graphic design and visual requirements of various clients or businesses. A good laptop and internet connection is just what you need to start-up

Loading Business

The most practical business to do for students as this requires very low capital and your market is also anyone from your network.  From your classmates, teachers, school personnel to neighbors, family and friends – everyone needs a load.  Being a go-to person for their load concerns is just an easy business to set-up.  A phone and a busy network of people is just what you need to start up a loading business.