Siomai is one of the most popular street foods. Even before it became a staple in food carts, siomai used to be peddled using bicycles attached with large woven bamboo tubs. It was sold in a manner like taho and balut, with manong biking around the street, ringing a bell or shouting.

Now that siomai is in food carts, it has become even more popular! One of the biggest siomai franchises in the Philippines is Siomai House. If you are looking to franchise Siomai House, check this article to see if it is a great fit for your business goals.

Siomai House: Company Background

Would you believe that Siomai House was started by a company that originally sold empanada? Bernabest Foods started selling empanadas in 2001, but they did not strike gold until 2002 when they launched Siomai House.

The patrons loved the (by then) P25 per 4pcs siomai and gulaman. The taste of the siomai and gulaman are a perfect match and it was super popular in malls and train stations.

As of now, Bernabest has three products:

  1. Siomai House
  2. Empanada Especiale
  3. Mac Hotdog

Siomai House Franchise: The Details You Want to Know

Siomai House Franchise Package: P300k to 400k


  • The Siomai House Food Cart
  • Steamer
  • Freezer
  • Beverage dispenser
  • Signs
  • Uniform
  • Delivery of food products
  • 3-day training for you and your crew

Franchise Term: 3 years

Renewal: P50,000.00 yearly

No franchises are accepted in SM malls.

How to Franchise Siomai House

  1. Submit a letter of intent with the following information (details to be given at the contact section):
    1. Proposed location
    2. Pictures of the location
    3. Floor plan
    4. Map of the location (can be a hand sketch)
    5. Monthly rental
    6. Your updated resume
  2. An ocular inspection will be performed at your proposed location.
  3. If the company approves the results of the inspection, you will need to secure your own DTI permit. This will be submitted along with a copy of your two valid ID’s. If the company disapproves the location, you would have to submit another proposed business location.
  4. Settle the franchise payment.
  5. Attend the seminars and training.
  6. Operation

Siomi House Contact Information

  • Bernabest Food Products Inc.
    118 Arellano St., Bagong Barrio, Caloocan City
    363-0226; 447-65-23 Tel/Fax. 362-1902