The COVID-19 pandemic made all of us extra conscious about what we consume on a daily basis. This led to food businesses promoting healthy ingredients – such as the one initiated by Shaka Café.

This food and drink restaurant offer fresh organic fruits and vegetables – free from any additives and preservatives while promoting utilization of sustainable products. Here’s a quick rundown as to how Shaka Café is a good investment for your hard-earned money:

About Shaka Café Franchise

As a vegan restaurant, the Shaka Café is a firm-believer of promoting a healthy lifestyle while helping the community and environment. Here are some of the advantages of franchising Shaka Café:

  • The company promotes an environment-friendly culture through the use of wooden baskets, bamboo straws, and meals free from red meat in the campaign of fighting the global warming; and
  • Shaka Café also helps in supporting local island surfers in achieving their professional career and initiates regular beach and two clean-ups – a foolproof that the business is more than just a business – it has a noble cause, an edge it has from the rest of franchise businesses.

Franchising Shaka Café: Details You Need to Know

Franchise Inclusions

Aside from equipment, systems, and training manuals, you’ll have the chance to know and sell among your target audience the following products:

  • Smoothie bowls – Bowls of fresh fruits and homemade granola;
  • Coffee – The company prides itself with the use of oat milk over traditional dairy product(s);
  • Salads, burgers, and sandwiches that are all vegan and most of the ingredients are homemade; and
  • Teas, juices, smoothies, and cocktails.

Process of Franchising Shaka Café

  1. If you’re interested to become a franchisee of Shaka Café, you may express your interest by sending an email to the company or sending a message in any of their official social media accounts.
  1. In your message, include the following information:
    • Name;
    • Prospect location;
    • Applicant’s background (e.g. information about the applicant that would give you an edge in running a franchise business); and
    • Reason(s) for choosing the company (e.g. include points as to why you chose the company as this help the management assess if both of you share the same vision and business goals about the restaurant).
  1. Once your application has been assessed and approved, you’ll undergo extensive training to further understand the business operation and guarantee that you’ll have the confidence in handling the business.

Shaka Shake Cafe Contact information

The Shaka Café may be reached through the following contact information:

If you’re new into franchising and you’re more than eager to start one right now, it’s important to consider the following factors – you should have sufficient funds in supporting manpower labor and other unexpected costs and to always to franchisor and persons who’ve been in the industry for quite some times as they can give you the strategies to make the business profitable in no time.