When people are talking about food trip, basically typical Filipino would love street foods like kikiam, fishball, squid balls, quail eggs, and siomai. Historically speaking, Chinese have established relationship to the Philippines. Their stay in the country influenced the Filipinos to some traditional cuisines. One of those is siomai. Siomai literally means ‘cook and sell’. Some of the Filipinos have established siomai business, it is clearly evident that Filipinos are fond of it. As an aspiring entrepreneur, siomai business is a perfect start. It is simple yet profitable. Also, it requires low capital but large profit. Here are the reasons why:


Franchisors has already established trust and relationships with the suppliers for all the products and materials they will be needing for the business.


There are some complementary food that can be sell aside from the siomai like gulaman, siopao, water, quail eggs, kikiam, and fishballs.


The preparation of this food is easy and simple. You just need to prepare the ingredients then wrap it up and put it on a steamer. Anybody with a steamer can do it. The quality and taste of the siomai is better and taste more expensive.

Established brand

Siomai franchises business like siomai house, siomai goodness, master siomai, and others are recognized brand that can guarantee the applicant with success rather than starting from a scratch. You can get the loyalty of the customers of that certain Siomai Franchise Business.

Training Support

Most of the Siomai Franchises offers management, crew, franchisee, and technical training that are already included in the franchise fee. In that way, it will able to help the crew and the franchisee to grow. 

Here are some best Siomai Franchises in the Philippines

  • Siomai Fast BitesSiomai Fast Bites is known for having their 2-in-1 and 3-in-1 franchise promo which means that other two or one products can be included in a very reasonable price of PHP 45k to 55k0 only. Single carts are also available for 35k. It is a product concept of TC Franchising.
  • Siomai Goodness – In 2010, Siomai Goodness started serving its wide variety delicious foods at a very affordable price. They are known for having their unique delectable Filipino Flavors which are the Tocino Siomai and Longganisa Siomai that attracts a huge crowd.
  • Master Siomai – They are known for their special and traditional Japanese Siomai that is wrapped in a seaweed with a crab topping. They are continuously expanding as the years pass by with 550 outlets nationwide that can be seen in every mall, school, supermarkets or even in streets.
  • Siomai House – Bernabest Food Products Inc. is the creator of Siomai House. They are known for their additional banana with pandan flavored gulaman and their traditional mouthwatering shrimp and pork siomai.

Here are some tips on how start a siomai franchise business

  • Find a good location – look for a perfect place to start a business. A commercial area may be good
  • Choose a siomai Franchise – Choose a siomai franchise that has good reputation and good inclusions.
  • Get business permits- To be able to run a business, first thing to do is to register it to some several government agencies to run it legally.
  • Learn how to make siomai- As an applicant for franchising a siomai business it is necessary to learn how to make a siomai even though there are workers that will help in running the business.
  • Market or advertise the product- In order for the product to be known, there is in need to make some noise through marketing it to the large crowd. Don’t settle for less.