In these days when people are holding full-time jobs and the metro is quite congested, people are either pressed on time to get the laundry started or do not have enough space in their apartments to do their own washing. This is where laundromats come in. These shops offer coin-operated laundry machines where people can just come in and spin their clothes while they can sit in the waiting area and catch up on some work or just relax and watch a movie on Netflix. If they do not have the time, then laundromats also offer full-service laundry, where they can just have their dirty clothes picked up, washed, and then delivered to their homes.

One of the bigger names in this kind of service is Quicklean, and if you commute all over the metro, I am sure you have encountered these shops. Quicklean has this fun purple banner that just pops out in the sea of business signages.

Have you ever wondered how much does it take to start a Quicklean franchise business? How to franchise a Quicklean outlet? What are the requirements? Then check out this article to see if Quicklean is for you.

Quicklean History

Quicklean believes that laundry shouldn’t be a chore, but rather a time to have some me-time, social time with friends or work and study time. The automatic machines of Quicklean give you back the time you will normally lose when you engage in washing clothes.

Quicklean invests in the best washers and dryers, which means less wear and tear on clothes and 50% more time for yourself!

Each Quicklean store has high-speed wi-fi so you can catch up on some movies, social media, or work while waiting for the laundry to finish. The highly trained staff will also guide you through the process of washing your clothes to save you even more time.

How to Franchise Quicklean – The Details You Need to Know

Quicklean franchise claims itself to have low manpower cost, recession-proof, and fully cash business.

Money details:

  • Minimum Investment: P3M
  • Franchise Fee: P336k (which is included in the minimum investment above)
  • Contract Term: 6 years
  • Renewal Fee: Php 168,000
  • Royalty Fee: 5% of gross sales/month
  • Other Dues: 1% of gross sales/month

Requirements for a Quicklean franchise:

  • Minimum space from 40-180 sqm

Ready to Start a Quicklean Franchise? Here is the Contact Information!

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Phone Number: 9890304