One of the biggest problems of this fast-paced life is that people always do not have time to do household chores. Laundry is the top of the list. Those who have the time to wash their clothes, on the other hand, do not have the space to put a bulky washing machine in their small apartment.

This is the reason why laundromats are becoming an essential trade. Laundromats provide a space where one can do their laundry at peace and relax or catch up on some work while the machine spins. They also give you that space that is supposed to be lost when you invest in a washing machine (or if you are just incapable of because apartments are so tiny today).

If you are one of the people who wanted to start a laundry business you might want to look at one of the bigger players when it comes to offering laundromat and laundry services, OneBigWash (yes, no spaces).

OneBigWash Story

OneBigWash is one of the biggest build-your-own businesses that provide LG Commercial Laundry Machines. They also own and operate several OneBigWash stores nationwide. The shining feature of OneBigWash is that they are card-operated, not coin-operated. This is a huge advantage because coin-based operations usually need to stock on coins.

OneBigWash Franchise Details

The total investment for a OneBigWash franchise is P1.8m

The investment includes:

  • Equipment and installation
  • Full support from franchisor
  • Initial stocks and supplies
  • Marketing collaterals
  • Outlet design and construction
  • Staff training and uniforms
  • Store management
  • Use of name, logo and business system

One Big Wash Contact Details

  • OneBigWash Enterprises #888 Eusebio Avenue, Brgy.San Miguel Pasig City, Philippines
  • Mobile Nos.: (0917)503-2777 / (0918)838-3333 / (0977)805-4204
  • Email: /
  • Website:

The Advantages of Franchising a Laundromat Business

  • A place to do laundry or have people wash your clothes for you when you do not have the equipment or the time is huge for young professionals and busy people, especially in the metro.
  • Starting a laundry business form scratch is quite a hard feat. You have to source your equipment, supplies and build a business name from the ground up.
  • A good business name like OneBigWash already has brand recall and trust from people.
  • Clean laundry gets dirty again and people will use your services again.
  • You can also offer pick-up and delivery services which widen your market to those who do not have the time and those who do not want to do their own laundry.