Magnolia is a popular household brand in the 1980s where the generation X population is familiar with as it is one of the best brands of ice cream at that time.  After a while, the brand made a 10-year absence as it had company shift and undergone merging.  But now, it is back in the market and making waves in the ice cream industry.  Thus, being a Magnolia Ice Cream Dealer is one interesting and fun business idea. Check out the details below for more information on how to become a Magnolia ice cream dealer.

Company Profile: Magnolia Carito is now an ice cream mobile vending business and is provided by Magnolia Ice Cream. Magnolia started in 1925 by San Miguel Corporation and the Magnolia Ice Cream brand is the one that immediately comes to a consumer’s mind when it comes to ice cream.  After the return from a 10-year absence in the market because of the merging of the two largest companies – Purefoods, the top manufacturer of meat products and San Miguel, the country’s number one brewery corporation, Magnolia is now under the San Miguel-Pure Foods Corporation.  The details below are information on how to become a dealer for Magnolia Ice Cream in your community.

Magnolia Ice Cream Dealership Information:

Initial Capital: minimum of Php 100.000.00

Dealership Criteria: What does it take to become a Magnolia dealer?

  • The individual should show interest to manage his or her own business
  • Must be patient, dedicated & have the entrepreneurial abilities
  • Must have a garage space for a minimum of 10 vending bikes & freezing equipment for storage
  • Must be a resident of an area & is a property owner

Dealership Inclusion:  The following are the inclusion package of the Magnolia dealership:

  • Open and free business advice in terms of starting and sustaining the dealership
  • Availability of reasonable credit terms
  • Equipment support
  • Marketing support

Dealership Guidelines and Step-by-Step Process:

How To Become A Magnolia Ice Cream Mobile Vending Operator (MVO):

  1. Submit a Letter of Intent (LOI) to the given email
  2. The interested applicant should already have a pre-determined preferred location for market analysis & feasibility.
  3. The applicant must also accomplish a business application form (BAF) from the website:

Interested applicants can apply as a Magnolia Ice Cream Vending Operator (MVO) in the following Metro Manila areas.  MVO is also open in other parts of Luzon, Visayas & Mindanao area specifically in the following areas:

  • Pasig
  • Marikina
  • Malabon
  • Taguig/Pateros
  • Makati
  • West QC
  • Central QC
  • Valenzuela

Contact Details of Magnolia Ice Cream Mobile:

Magnolia Ice Cream Business Development Group
21/F JMT Condominium Building
ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City
Hotline: (02) 632-2000

Magnolia Ice Cream Business Development Group

21/F JMT Condominium Building

ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City

Pros of Magnolia Ice Cream Dealership

  • Brand is popular and has a high market value
  • Established business system and expected income is P240,000 per year
  • Options for being a Dealer and Magnolia Mobile Operator

Cons of Magnolia Ice Cream Dealership

  • Need a large space and a property to become a dealer or for storage of equipment