Sip into Island Tea’s milk teas and other beverages and experience the taste and benefits of their signature Ceylon tea blends.

The fast-growing international brand which established more than 50+ branch cafes in the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Dubai & Qatar has its doors open for aspiring Filipino milk tea entrepreneurs.

Read further and know how you can franchise Island Tea Co., through the numerous franchise packages they have available to choose from according to your budget and prospect location.

About Island Tea Co. Franchise

Island Tea Co. is a milk tea franchise that specialized in crafting delicious and healthy beverages with Ceylon tea at its core.

While Island Tea also carries types of teas like green tea and black tea — Ceylon tea, which they specifically curate in Sri Lanka, is their specialty.

It is their dedication to providing healthy and delicious drinks using high-quality ingredients, which made this milk tea brand stand out and grew rapidly, in just a few years since its establishment.

Today Island Tea Co. also shares franchise opportunities to Filipinos who also want to spread the goodness of Island Tea’s signature drinks.

Island Tea Co.’s Product Line

  • Milk tea
  • Coffee
  • Tea Shakes
  • Fruit Teas
  • Healthy Teas
  • Loose-leaf teas

Island Tea Co. Franchise Fees 

Franchise Fee: 100,000 – 150,000

Minimum Site Requirements: 4 sqm. (Site’s size requirements goes up for bigger franchise packages)

Estimated Cost of Investment: 299,000 – 1.5 Million (Estimation include franchise fees)

Island Tea Co. Franchise Packages

The following estimated cost per franchise packages includes Island Tea’s franchise fee.

  • Cart- 299,000 – 350,000
  • Small Kiosk- 400,000 – 550,000
  • Medium Kiosk- 600,000 – 900,000
  • In-Line- 1.5 Million

How to Franchise Island Tea Co.

Visit the official Facebook page of Island Tea Co. in the Philippines, and reserve a slot for their seminar to learn more about Island Tea Co., it’s origins, and procedures applicants must undergo to become a part of a fast-growing international milk tea brand.

As of writing, due to the COVID-19, seminars conducted by Island Tea Co. are through zoom meetings. For more information about their E-Seminar, visit their official Facebook for further details.

Island Tea Co. Franchise Contact Details

Address: No 308 – A, Robinsons Cybergate, Cebu City, Philippines


Email: |


Contact No.: 0917 779 9038 | +63 322 369 513

Advantages of Franchising Island Tea Co.

  • Receive world-class materials to produce quality products.
  • Get continuous support from Island Tea Co.
  • Operate using a management and operation system practiced and perfected across the counties of Sri Lanka, Dubai, Qatar, and the Philippines.
  • Become a seller of one of the Philippines’ increasingly famous beverages, the milk tea.
  • Benefit from the continuous marketing and product research of Island Tea Co.
  • Island Tea Co. is a reputable brand recognized across different countries.

Things to Consider Before Franchising Island Tea Co.

  • Consider carefully your market demographic especially during this pandemic, where leisure drinks such as milk tea may not be as profitable as it used to be before the nationwide lockdown.
  • Bear in mind that franchising does not equate the assurance of business success.
  • Ensure that you can uphold to Island Tea’s rules and regulations.
  • Have the capacity to manage both your business and staff effectively and efficiently.