Waffle is very lucrative in areas where people are always in the hurry. A prime example is in MRT and LRT stations, where people are always running late and always on the run. This is because waffles are a complete meal you can hold in your hands. The crunch on the outside but soft on the inside waffle provides a small amount of energy boost while the filling, usually meat or meat-based filling provides a protein source for a long-lasting energy.

Big waffle brands like Waffle Time and Famous Belgian Waffles are great! However, the large entry-level expenditure turns off most starting entrepreneurs.

Good thing is there are smaller waffle food carts being offered in the Philippines. One of which is Happy Waffle, a product of Filtrepreneur Franchise Inc., with its ultra low franchise fee of Php 42,888.00.

The Happy Waffle Brand

Happy Waffle is a product of Filtrepreneur Franchise Inc., one of the pioneers in the small-scale food cart franchises in the Philippines.

Happy Waffle Franchise Products

  • Cheese waffle
  • Cheese dog waffle
  • Hotdog waffle
  • Chocolate cheese waffle
  • Ham and cheese waffle
  • Ube filling waffle

The Happy Waffle Food Cart Franchise Details You Need to Know

Franchise Fee: Php 42,888.00

Inclusions in the Franchise

  1. Collapsible food cart
  2. Food tong
  3. Waffle maker
  4. Set of uniform
  5. Seminar and training
  6. Initial inventory

How to Start a Happy Waffle Franchise

  1. Visit them at their main office.
  2. Fill up the franchise application form.
  3. Sketch your preferred location for your Happy Waffle food cart.
  4. Pay the franchise fee.
  5. Attend the franchise seminar.
  6. Wait for the delivery of the products and food cart.
  7. Start your operations!

Contact Details

Mobile nos.: 09195131287

Address: 2nd Flr. Intrawest Centre, 33 Annapolis Street, Greenhills, San Juan City, Philippines

E-mail: inquire@filterepreneur.org

Facebook page: www.facebook.com/165253376861268

Advantages of Starting a Waffle Franchise

  1. Food is an essential human need and people will always be looking for hot, delicious food anywhere, so you are sure to profit with food as your product!
  2. Waffles provide a nice handheld meal, perfect for those who are always on the hurry, so waffle will sell fast if you place it in transport terminals like in MRT stations, jeepney and tricycle terminals.
  3. Waffles will also be a hit with children, because of its sweet, delicious flavor. Children will love waffles filled with jam or cheese!

Disadvantages of Starting a Happy Waffle Franchise

  1. The low entry fee means competition can appear from nowhere, so you have to act fast.
  2. Food cart franchises require dedication and are essentially a full time job from the start.