Donuts, one of the world’s most loved snack. It comes in many flavors and colors to choose from. Donuts are not only a great hit for kids, it is also a big hit even for the kids at heart. This sugary treat gives its consumer a natural high and a good feeling after every bite. Well, if you are a big fan of donuts and would love to have this as a source of a lucrative business then why not have your very own donuts stand.

More about Happy Haus Donuts

Happy Haus Donuts is a Filipino brand of donut which is making a buzz in the food industry since 2005. Donuts may be of American origin but ever since it has been introduced to our country, we have learned to love it as our own and our very own entrepreneurs have devised their own formulas and come up with their own brandings just like Happy Haus Donuts.   To serve the public with affordable and great tasting donuts is the catch of this Pinoy donut franchise because the company believes that good donuts should be available for all especially for the Filipino families who have the sweet tooth but on a tight budget.

Happy Haus Donuts’ company mission and vision:

o        The association’s vision is to be the top donut retail association in the Philippines and endeavor into neighboring countries like China and Taiwan.

o        The association’s principle is to give stunning donuts and services at sensible expenses.

o        The association hopes to give this assistance and support to the aspiring Filipino entrepreneurs and if given the chance, to diverse countries too.

o        Keeping at the top of the priority objective to fulfill this vision, the association continues growing its era and place assets into innovation and development of their craft to give quality and sensible doughnuts to Filipino families.

Happy Haus Donuts have a variety of flavors to choose from, they have a total of 40 flavors and for sure they would come up with more soon. Most of them are unique and with a Filipino twist such as: Tsokovan Peanut Butter Tsoko, Buko Pandan Delight, Doble Tsokolate, Quatro Tsoko, Tsoko Banana Krunch, Tsoko Krunch among others.

Happy-Haus guarantees that you will be getting what you deserve as a franchisee out of your relationship with them through these points of interest like:

  • There will be a secured and tried business framework arranged for the franchisee to use.
  • A franchisee will have the ability to use the business name and trademark.
  • Quality menus are situated up which ensures you of awesome doughnuts to offer.
  • A franchisee will in all likelihood admire the showcasing and special support from the company not just in the opening but throughout the business agreement period.

Happy Haus Franchise Packages and Fees

Happy Haus Donuts franchise package is within reach especially for the novice entrepreneur. Its franchise package is worth Php 35,000. This covers the security deposit (which is refundable), miscellaneous fee and the franchise fee. Truly, you need not to shed your lifetime savings just to start up your very own business.

Happy Haus Donuts Kinds of Kiosks to choose from:

We all have different needs in life, same goes with the style and type of kiosk that you may prefer. With this in mind, Happy Haus created three types of kioks and they are as follows:

Happy Haus Donuts has three types of kiosks to suit their franchisee’s needs and they are the following:

Table top

This kiosk has the dimensions of 2.5 ft. depth x 2.5 ft. width x 2.5 ft. height. This is ideal for those who have existing booths or with little space left that they want to maximize their store with.

Standee kiosk

The standee is a type of Happy Haus kiosk with the following measurements: 2.5 ft. depth x 2.5 ft. width x 6 ft. height. If you want a taller and a little wider kiosk for your donuts then this would be the right kiosk for you.


Last but not the least, the Slim type kiosk. This Happy Haus Donuts kiosk is ideal for those who have a tall ceiling in their stall or store. This is eye catchy and would definitely make your Happy Haus Donuts shine more as you present the delectable donuts from the racks.

So you have decided to start your very own business and you chose Happy Haus Donuts, then the next move to make is to schedule an appointment with them to learn more about the franchise business. Before anything else you need to settle the following required documents along with your application form.


  1. Letter of intent
  2. An updated resume or bio data with a minimum of three character references.
  3. Your proposed target location with a sketch of how to get there.
  4. Clear photos of your target location.
  5. Two thousand pesos which serves as an initial processing fee for the site assessment. This fee is non-refundable.
  6. You need to secure two valid government IDs e.g. PRC, SSS, TIN, etc.

Happy Haus Franchise Inclusion:

  • utilization of business name and trademark
  • use of business framework
  • franchisee and team programs
  • advertising and special support
  • possibility study and assessment of area
  • store format outline
  • showcase (show stall) bundle lease
  • donut cabinet
  • signage
  • quality menus
  • five pcs of crew uniforms
  • opening assistance
  • store opening and post opening assistance
  • establishment introduction and at work preparation
  • broad team preparation
  • mascot appearance
  • directional signage
  • inflatables and freebies
  • free item tasting for clients
  • consistent operation support

Contact Details

Happy Haus Donuts is available through the following contact details:


Address: 1104 11/F West Trade Center, 132 West Ave., Quezon City

Telefax: (632) 410-9084