As the world progress, one of the driving forces that keep our engines turning is fuel — one of the most important materials which help power our factories and machinery.

With such high demand, many are aware of the strong cash flow related to entering the fuel business industry; However, the bigger the cash flow, mostly meant a bigger capital investment, and greater strategic planning, which is proven true in the case of investing to the fuel business.

This brings us to look to some of the prominent gas station brands you can franchise in the Philippines, which can give you the assurance that your capital will go a long way forward.

If you’re interested to know more about the top three (3) gasoline franchise brands in the Philippines, then check out the information below to more about the franchise packages that each of these companies has for you.


Caltex had been in partnership with the Philippines but it was later in 1936 when Caltext (Philippines) was formed, which enabled the company to establish depots and service stations nationwide and immediately became one of the leading oil companies in the country. 

Franchise Information

Lot Size/Layout: 10 years

Frontage: 10 years

Franchise Term: 10 years

Lot Lease Agreement: 10 years

Application Process:

  1. Submit your prospect location as an initial application with Caltex
  2. Wait for Caltex informing you for a mandatory home interview
  3. The applicant may now proceed with completing the on-the-job interview and evaluation
  4. Pass the financial background check
  5. Present proposal to the Retailer Selection Board
  6. Upon approval, the applicant may now sign the official documents
  7.  Complete the 2-week new retailer training course
  8. The official start of becoming a Caltex retailer

Contact Information


Address: Chevron Philippines Inc., 6/F 6750 Ayala Avenue, Makati City 1226


Contact No.: PLDT — (02) 88677710 | Globe — (02) 77937600


Petron had a long history that started back in 1933 — a time when it was still called Standard Vacuum Oil Company or Stanvac. Later in 1962, the company came to the Philippines with the help of fulfilling the aim of the Philippine national government’s aim of providing affordable petroleum products to promote the national industrialization program of that time.

Today Petron plays one of the biggest roles of supplying Philippines petroleum products. With a share of more than a third to the country’s supply chain in the oil industry makes Petron today as the largest oil refining and marketing company in the Philippines.

Application Process:

Gather all of the required documents and submit them to the office of Petron. This is considering that you already own or lease a lot appropriate to the area requirement of Petron. The following are the documents needed but not limited to:

  • Letter of Intent (include complete name, home/office address, contact information, and address of proposed lot)
  • Lot Plan
  • Vicinity Map
  • Transfer Certificate of Title (TCT)

Upon the approval of the application, the applicant will be endorsed to be enrolled in a four-week Petron Dealer Management Course (DMC)

The Petron dealer may now proceed with the construction after the presentation and discussion of the station’s blueprint.

Petron will also guide its dealer with the building as well as the permits required with the national and local government units.

Contact Information



Royal Dutch Shell or much known as Shell — is one of the largest companies worldwide. The company’s global reach to 70 countries makes Shell such a dominant brand in the oil industry not just in the Philippines but also around the world.

With its wide reach and tried and tested operation and management across the borders, people partnering with Shell as dealers can have the assurance of receiving world-class assistant to provide the quality service and product to its customers.

Dealer Owned Dealer Operated Details

Estimated Cost of Investment: 10-12 Million

Lot size range: 600-1000 sqm. with 30-50 sqm. frontage

Qualifications to Become a Shell Dealer

  • Applicant should not be more than 55-years old
  • A Filipino national with an established residence in the Philippines
  • Had work experiencing on managing a business may it be through a family-owned business or any previous positions which involve managing several workers.

How to Become a Shell Dealer?

Go Shell’s dealership page and download the application form. Then, fill it out and send it to Shell, to have the application undergo the approval process.

Contact Details


Telephone no. (Metro Manila): +632 8878 8888

PLDT toll-free no. (outside Metro Manila): 1-800-10000-3333