The taste of Korea in the Philippines is always a treat to the Filipino palate.  The concept of a mom-and-pop fried chicken which originated in the streets of Korea also became a comfort food for the Filipinos.  BonChon chicken on the other hand perfected this fried chicken cooking technique where a paper-thin crispy texture is tasted outside but a tender, juicy meat is tasted from the inside.  Paired with a perfect addictive glaze of two distinct Korean flavors- soy garlic and spice, it became the BonChon’s original soy garlic and spicy sauce to its mouthwatering fried chicken.  It instantly became a hit in the Philippines, and this could be another unique offering to the local community.  If you are interested to bring the taste of Korea to your province, BonChon chicken is the perfect choice.  To know more about its franchising opportunities, check out the details below:

Company Background: Bonchon Franchise

The company is owned by a visionary entrepreneur named Scott Tan.  He aimed to revolutionize the food industry landscape in the Philippines and brought BonChon to the country and opened the first BonChon store at Ayala Triangle Garden in 2010.  After 6 years, it now has 140 locations nationwide and is now considered as one of the fastest growing fast casual restaurants in the country aside from being the biggest Korean style crispy fried chicken chain locally.  “BonChon” means “my hometown” which is homage to the company’s roots in Busan, South Korea. It is famous around the world for its signature Korean-style chicken, which is glazed to perfection with its secret sauces.

Bonchon Franchise Details

Franchisee Criteria:
BonChon is looking for candidates who possesses the following personal qualities:

  • enthusiastic to start his or her own BonChon restaurant
  • pursuant to high-quality service and sales performance
  • must have the right space and location

Priority list of areas or location currently needed for BonChon restaurants:

  • Puerto Princesa
  • Tuguegarao
  • Gen San
  • Ilocos
  • Santiago Isabela
  • Metro Manila

Commercial Space requirement: 100 to 150 square meters and preferably located in high traffic malls and near commercial spaces. Structure should be ready for occupancy.

Bonchon Franchise Application

Be part of the fastest growing Korean-Style fast casual restaurant in the country by sending your letter of intent and interest to the details below:

  • Send an email or call:
    Joseph Clyde N. Rodriguez

Business Development Manager

BonChon Products:

The featured menu consists of a variety of Korean and Asian fushion dishes such as:

  • The signature of Korean style chicken
  • Bibimbowl
  • Bingsu
  • Chicken Bao
  • BonChon K-Fries
  • Korean Beef Stew
  • K-Style Feast
  • Chicken Chapchae Meal

Other Contact Details:

For additional queries, you may contact:

BonChon Chicken Philippines

3/F The Spa Building

80 E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue

Quezon City 1110 Philippines

Lastly, for your concerns on franchising, the following pros and cons have been identified to help you in your decision. Check the list outlined below. 


  • BonChon offers a unique and quality menu
  • Has global brand recognition
  • Proven effective system of operation


  • Lots of players in the market especially in the chicken fast food industry
  • Huge investment capital needed