A birthday is a special occasion in someone’s life. Having a birthday during office days can lessen the opportunity to celebrate it and sometimes this special day passed by only. Some companies trying to show value and give incentives to their employees as a sign of appreciation for their performance and loyalty. It is also one of the factors considered by a person to stay in an organization. Here are some ideas that management can do and don’t do:

Some companies don’t have any policy pertaining to employees’ tokens of appreciation aside from giving mandatory monetary pay like 13th-month pay. The 14th-month pay, bonus, excursion are those incentives that also give. Some of the obvious scenarios that do not do regarding employee birthdays:

Thing NOT to Do on an Employee’s Birthday

  • Don’t just celebrate one’s birthday just because of rank or personality in the company and forgetting others hurts employee self-esteem. It can only raise an issue of favoritism to a company.
  • Don’t arrange a birthday celebration for an employee without asking for their approval. Some don’t want to celebrate their birthday because of religion or beliefs. The employment sheet must include an inquiry of their approval.
  • Don’t demand every employee to contribute a gift to someone or to buy foods to celebrate it. Not all people can afford the price or are not comfortable doing that for different reasons. Avoiding it will not result in an expectation of everyone who will also celebrate.
  • Don’t publicize someone’s birthday on social media platforms without their consent including the birth year as respect for their privacy.

Some Things to DO on an Employee’s Birthday

  • The cake is a symbol of sweetness and celebration. Thinking of a unique and personalized design will make the birthday celebrant smile. Ask their close friend or team members what will be their favorite theme.
  • Cash gifts based on years of service or daily rate. It will be a way of recognition for all employees on their special day.
  • Monthly celebrations with a cake that recognized all workers born in that month.
  • The monthly budget that will allocate for a birthday celebration will be used for food, decorations, and miscellaneous expenses.
  • Granting the celebrant to take a “personal holiday” on their birthday. Some people want to be with their family or friends on this special day. Taking a break from work makes them recharge for a new beginning in their life.
  • Surprise decorations at the employee’s desk that can assign to other team members or close co-workers. It could be putting a birthday banner, photos, and theme based on the birthday celebrant’s personality and likes.
  • Electronic birthday cards to surprise and appreciate birthday celebrants especially those large companies who have personalized websites or apps.
  • Giving gift cards to popular stores or restaurants. It will allow the celebrant to dine with their family and friends. Depend on the personality and favorites of the celebrant. (Side note, you can check out Gift Canyon for gifting ideas!)
  • Make a surprise meeting. It’s like a usual lunch or dinner meeting with a manager or rank-and-file people. It is an unusual treat of management that reflects their appreciation and shows that no one is left behind in the company. Being recognized by the incorporators or owners can help employees to perform well.
  • Sending cheers and build a culture of recognition. It helps drive high employee engagement and helps you hold on to your top team members. It is the perfect opportunity to go beyond simple messaging and show appreciation to people for everything they’ve done within the team, for being an amazing teammate, or just deliver a joke whenever the overall mood needs to be improved.
  • Doing a donation to a charity of the celebrant’s choice. Give a donation on the celebrant’s behalf. It’s a way also for the organization to contribute and do their social responsibility to the community.

Birthday is only once a year celebration. Everyone deserves to be happy and appreciated. The company must set policy and guidelines not only for the sake of the company’s profit but also for its employees that work hard and dedicate their time and effort to the company. Being appreciated can boost everyone’s confidence and can develop camaraderie in an organization.