After the hectic schedule at work or demanding requirements at school, both working adults and teens know that cafes are the place to stop by. Cafes offer a pleasant and relaxing ambience where they can choose several delectable food options with a cup of coffee or tea.

If you are someone who is considering having his own café, try to check Café Tribu as one of your best options for a long term business investment.

Coffee franchise is not the typical franchise that simply provides you with stocks on a regular basis. It is usually expensive and the coffee beans should be fresh. With Café Tribu, the investment is reasonable and to ensure that the coffee beans are of quality, it is procured from local coffee farm.

Meet Café Tribu Franchise

This coffee shop chain is governed by one of the leading food car franchising company in the Philippines, Pinoy Pao Express, Inc. The mother company has been in the franchising business since 1992 and continues to serve their customers with quality foods and beverages.

PPEI actually started the coffee shop chain last 2016 and opened the first shop at San Juan City. After which, it has grown into many branches all around Luzon. More than the image of drink and relax; this coffee shop has started making a mark in coffee lovers.

A worry-free atmosphere with comforting premium coffee is what Café Tribu aims to provide to all its customers. They have one of the best tasting coffee in the Philippines because they procured it straight from Benguet and Sagada – the 2 most renowned coffee makers in the country next to Amadeo, Cavite. 

The Cafe Tribu Franchise Packages

Café Tribu offers a variety of packages both local and international. For now, we will tackle on the packages offered locally. To guide you on the list of business investment per package, see below:

  • Mall Type Store – Php 690,000.00

This usually is about 8 – 70 sqm.

  • Coffee Kiosk – Php 390,000.00

Space can take 6 – 30 sqm.

  • Island Type (All-in) – Php 2M

Area is at 15 – 30 sqm.

  • FULL Coffee Shop (All-in) – Php 3 – 7M

What makes this coffee shop franchise appealing to entrepreneurs is its transparency. In fact, packages DO NOT come with hidden charges, marketing fee, annual fee and quota. One gets the most out of his investment.

How to Franchise Cafe Tribu?

Having the money to invest is just one side of the coin. One needs to know the vital part of having a coffee shop and that is the procedure attached to it as this helps you get started and equip you to run the café in many years to come.

1) Set an appointment with the franchising team. Below are the contact details you can reach out so you can set a meeting with the team:



2) Get an invitation from the franchisee to discuss the in-depth details of the franchise. This usually allows you to meet the branch franchise manager. During this phase, you should already have a location in mind because it will take a crucial role in the next step.

3) Your chosen location or site will be assessed by their team. They will visit the location and do some feasibility and marketing study. This is how thorough the company is in helping their franchising partners.

4) When both parties are clear with each other, a contract will be given. When you receive the contract, it can be tedious but, you have to find the time to review all the stipulations as this will serve you good in the long run. Read carefully before signing it.

5) Settle the payment. There are many ways you can send your franchising investment. You can settle it using:

– Credit Card

– Cash

– Cheque

– Online Payments such as PayPal or Online Bank Transfer

Once you have paid it, send a proof of transaction to the management.

6) Training and Orientation of the Crew. Although this is targeted for the crew, it is best that you also attend this training when you can get the availability. This will give more knowledge on how a coffee shop is run the right way. This will also help give you insights on any possible challenges that may occur along the way.

7) Discussion and preparation of the business setup. Normally, it takes at least 45 working days from the date you signed the contract. Depending on the arrangements, one can actually finish the setup even less than 45 days.

8) The Grand Opening

From the business orientation up until the grand opening of the coffee shop, the team will be there to guide you. The grand opening is made easy for you since the company provides the marketing and promotional mediums to help you market the store. This is the perfect time to invite both your friends and family and start “officially” enjoying the worry-free atmosphere with a comforting premium coffee.

What Additional Documents To Prepare?

To prepare you with whatever papers and documents the company may need, and for a faster and easier transaction, is it always safe to prepare for the following:

  • 1 Photocopy of any Valid ID
  • 2 x 2 Picture
  • Map of the exact location with nearest landmarks, establishments and complete address.

Are you ready?

There are a few factors one needs to consider when opening a business, especially when it comes to a franchise. Although, there is a dedicated team who will help you along the way, there are still risk factors involved.

Tardiness of crew, pandemic, local government holidays and special provisions – these are just a few of the things you want to equip yourself with. One needs to be the leader in his own turf and should have the discipline to execute what needs to be done at certain period of time.

Simply put, equip yourself and ensure that you have the availability and capacity to over-see the whole operation of your brand in a regular basis. Besides, it is your business after all.