Facebook today is no longer just a form of application to help reconnect with friends and family as it was first intended to be used during its developing process. Today Facebook is also utilized as a way to build an online community or as what it had been recently being more utilized into, is as a social media to market your business for free online.

When handled right by the right people, Facebook can become a powerful online marketing tool that businesses can use for free.

Why Facebook is the Best Way to Market Your Business

Facebook has the biggest pool of users compared to other social media platforms. That large number of users meant a wider reach of the audience.

Additionally, with Facebook being a free platform which is known as the most commonly use social media by people of all ages, makes Facebook an ideal way to market your business regardless of your target market’s age range.

The best part is that Facebook is a free platform, and their paid ads that you can utilize to further your business reach, have one of the lower pay-per-click compared to other pay-per-click advertisements.

Food & Beverages

How many times had you heard from your friends complaining about how they felt like buying the photo of food they happen to scroll pass by on their Facebook’s newsfeed?

Too many to count perhaps. If executed right, marketing F&B products through Facebook is a great way to expand your customer reach and to also receive free marketing from the free to use online platform.

The ability to be able to interact with your customers also gives visitors and customers of your business a feeling of being able to personally interact with, help people connect with your business better.

And as from various researches showed, a feeling of connection towards a business or product can increase the amount of purchase from customers and decrease the number of product returns.

Paid and Free Webinars

If your business centers around conducting webinars to provide lessons and training to people online, then using Facebook as a way to market your webinars is a great way to get your online training/lessons out there.

When marketing a webinar at Facebook, the amount of following your gather, the reviews and comments you can also receive can help act as another form of marketing to people to show that you and your webinars are effective and worth their time and money to invest into.

Online and Physical Store

You may already have a physical store or an online store open on some major online shopping applications. Whichever it may be, the large pool of users on Facebook and the ability to reach a wide audience for free is definitely something you should take advantage of to market your online or physical store.

Additionally, the advent of the increasing demand for social media presence of business makes it ideal to start marketing your online and physical shops on Facebook to help more people get brand awareness towards your brand.

In Conclusion:

Be reminded that the mentioned business above is not the only business you can market on Facebook. Plenty of business models can be marketed on Facebook. In the hands of a professional social media manager, any business can benefit from the marketing potential of Facebook.