If you have a spare amount of twenty thousand pesos (P20,000.00), you can actually start a good business out of this money.  All you have to do is plan the business well, study its nitty-gritty and put into proper perspective the capitalization amount of P20,000.  But help is on the way as we have compile a list of three (3) possible business ideas that you might want to consider as you plan your new business venture for only P20,000.  Read this list below.

  1. Meat Processing Business. This business is one profitable business concept. If you have a little space at home to convert this into a place to display your meat products, then this business is viable.  Since it is common that meat shops are located in wet markets, you also have the option to set up a meat shop business side by side with other many meat shop owners. But, setting the business away from the wet market is also advisable such that there will be less competition. You need to find a location where there is no existing meat shop and surely people in the community will notice your presence because of convenience and most of all the quality meat products.  With these two in mind, you will surely thrive in the meat market.
  2. Online Jobs. This business idea is the latest trend in doing business in the 21st Century. A laptop is just what you need and a platform to showcase your skills such as writing, blogging, editing, creative designs and many others.  If you think you have these talents and skills, it is not bad to try this business idea.  You can start by creating your online portfolio and sending this to employers who knows you and your skills well. Your work might just be the one that they badly need.
  3. Events Planning. For creative individuals, this is the best and perfect business opportunity that you can look into. Event planning is one industry that is very lucrative once that you have the client’s trust.  Also, if you offer a wide array of services to make celebrations more special, memorable and meaningful, you will just be waiting for your next client.  The best part is that your creative mind will be the best investment in this business.  Few manpower is just what you need and an accessible virtual office is also recommended where you can display and advertise these services and expertise.  Thus, a laptop is a good investment to start with and the rest of the resources will just be in place.

Small business ideas are something interesting and is open to all wannabee entrepreneurs who would like to try their luck in the business world.  A good P20,000.00 capital will go a long way as long as you have a good business and financial plan coupled with great marketing ideas and a positive personality.  Surely, your businesses will have its place in the market.  Good luck and be excited in planning out your first business adventure.