The pandemic had struck our livelihood hard. With the rising number of COVID-19 cases in the Philippines, many are left stuck at home to avoid the virus and halter its spread.

Thankfully, with the help of the internet starting a business at the comforts of our home has never been this easy. Many are turning to online businesses to earn a living while avoiding going outside.

If you too are one of the people who are planning to start an online business from home, the following are the businesses you can start online even during a pandemic.

Consultation Service

Are you an expert in your field. Perhaps you already have a piece of background knowledge as an advisor of your niche.

Whichever it might be, if you have the skills and confidence towards your ability to guide people to success, then starting an online consultation business is for you.

Fields of marketing and management require these services the most, and we know that online business had been popping left and right today, which gives you a great pool of potential customers.

Food Delivery Businesses 

With people being confined to their homes, it’s only natural that many turn to delivery service to get access to their favorite food and drinks. You too can start your food delivery service from home.

Bring out the inner chef in you and prove healthy cooked meals or create recipes made to indulge your customers for their cheat days.

Additionally, other than making a profit, you can also help your neighbors get access to a nearby food business where they can easily buy food and beverages without the need of going far to order a quick, delicious meal.

Arts & Crafts Shop 

Selling arts & crafts items during the pandemic might be the last thing on your mind, considering that people may not have extra cash to spare to buy items more than the necessities.

Surprisingly many are thriving under this business niche. As people are confined at our homes, with most of us nothing to do, many are looking into indoor activities to entertain their selves — and one of the most famous home activities during this pandemic is arts and crafts.

People are practicing drawing, building miniatures, and even creating personalized items using resin and clay.

Look for a reliable supplier and become the next go-to arts and crafts store of your neighbor and across your friends in social media.

Dropshipping Business 

Cramp spaces and no time to packed orders?

Worry not, because today there are e-commerce setups like dropshipping, where you partner with a third-party who will handle the storing, packaging, and delivery of the products for you.

Dropshipping is the ideal business you can do if you want to focus more on marketing and customer engagement to gather sales. With the right management, you can easily expand your team and become a bigger online business.

In conclusion:

The business mentioned above is just some of the businesses you can start even when you are at home. even while we are still confined due to the pandemic, you can take still take inspiration from this list and start your business venture. Persevere, and you don’t know someday your online shop will turn to have a physical store after this lockdown.