Who has not tasted chocolate brownies? Of course, everyone has especially those who love to go to parties and celebrations. There is always a brownie on the table with delicious toppings of either cream cheese or chocolate chips. The variety just never stops. How to Start a Brownies Unlimited Franchise

The brownies history started in 1893. The pastry chef from Palmer House Hotel, a famous hotel, was asked by a socialite from Chicago to make a dessert. The dessert should be smaller than a cake and small enough to be put in a lunch box. So, the chef had to comply and make the first ever brownies as we now call them.

From then on, the unique pastry was called Paler House Brownie since it was brownish and was like a mini-cake. Since then, the hotel decided to continue making versions of it with apricot and walnuts. It was such a good idea that they continued to offer it to the rest of their guests.

Later on, it has become popular. In fact, by the 90’s, the brownie was included in several cook books with numerous variations. Some even added egg on the recipe to make it fudgier.

Brownies are like in between cakes and cookies. The best about this snack is that it blends well with a swig of milk or ice cream.

They have been famous in North America and are usually given or sold to children in lunchboxes. However, brownies have become more popular that cafes and restaurants have recognized its fame. They even offer brownies with creative toppings and designs that make adults crave for more.

So, there is no surprise that brownies made their way in the Philippines in no time. As a matter of fact, brownies have become prevalent in almost all cafes and restaurants in the country. In line with the popularity and the sweet tooth Filipinos have, brownies penetrated the franchise arena.

What better way is it to indulge in the sweet and savory trend? It is by Brownies Unlimited.

Consider a Franchise with Brownies Unlimited

Brownies may look tasty and tiny but, they are not that easy to make. Also, with brownies, all the ingredients and measuring have to be exact and perfectly blend with each other. Fortunately, when it comes to those delicious and little squares of fudgy snack, Brownies Unlimited got you covered.

Brownies Unlimited is the best franchise partner when it comes to these tiny sweet snacks. No wonder why you get to see lots of their stalls and branches at different malls all over country. They have the taste and test protocol before they start with the whole set up procedure so, one really gets to have the right and enough support system.

How the Brownies Unlimited Franchise Started

Back in 1989, Brownies Unlimited opened their first ever store. Back then, they were only selling favorites such as, Walnut, Swirl, Choc O’ Chips and Rocky Road. From the four varieties of flavors they have come to touch the hearts of both kids and adults. The selection of brownies expanded that they were able to reach 11 brownie varieties. Moreover, due to the success and diligence of the team, they were able to extend the line more into cookie chips, Silvanas, Sambos and Party cupcakes. Although they have reached several varieties of their snack products, there is one that they have been constant – quality. They ONLY bake their snack products from fresh and finest ingredients.

For over 20 years, Brownies Unlimited has been the top most favorite brownie and cupcake treat in the Philippines. They have over 58 stores and counting. They continue to grow and as they become the outlet for personal treat or gifts.

How to Engage in the Business of Brownies Unlimited Franchise

There are 3 selection packages if you are to get a franchise. It is important that you check the store space requirement that each selection needs.

Cart Franchise

This package requires at least 4 square meters of space.

Franchise Fee is at Php 180,000.00.

Total Franchising Investment: Php 920,000.00.

Kiosk Selection

This one requires a bigger space of at least 8 square meters.

Franchise Fee is at Php 200,000.00.

Total Franchising Invesment: Php 1.1 M

Counter Franchise

Because it is a counter type that can accommodate more customers, this one requires the biggest space requirement of at least 15 square meters.

Franchise Fee is at Php 240,000.00.

Total Franchising Investment: Php 2.2 M

To start with your Franchising venture, it is best to send the company an e-mail detailing your interest. You can also reach them out from their Facebook Page or company website.

Below are the contact details where you can try to reach them:

Website page: www.browniesunlimited.com

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pg/browniesunlimited

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/browniesunlimited

Email address: info@browniesunlimited.com

The best thing about having an established company to help you in your venture is that you get an honest and practical guidance – full transparency in the INS and OUTS of the business. All the procedures are laid out in an orderly fashion. Most importantly, Brownies Unlimited has been an effective business model for over 20 years which makes them both reputable and profitable.

It is REPUTABLE because the products are what the people really look for – food. The unique thing about their food products is it can go along with any occasions. Some even take them as a gift for their loved ones. But, mostly to satisfy one’s craving for sweets.

It is PROFITABLE because all the support system that you need is provided. Even the site location of your choice is given a thorough investigation and study with practical approaches. You are never blind-sided on things.

In starting a business franchise, Brand name is something you really have to consider at all cost. You have to consider the competitive market and the needed practical course of action so you can last for a long time. You may lack the experience but, when you have a reputable partner who can guide you through all the processes, even the risk factors, success is not elusive.